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The Role of the Work Environment for Mental Health – CETYS

In Mexico, work is generally given more importance by the number of hours worked and is related to productivity; But that is not always the case. CETYS experts explain why it’s important for organizations to prioritize the care of their partners

With increasing speed and commitment, authorities are designing and implementing regulations that commit companies to the identification, analysis and prevention of psychosocial risk factors in organizations to promote a conducive organizational environment and a healthy environment.

In this context, Mexican legislators are analyzing a proposal to increase paid vacation days from 6 to 12 days from the first year of work, as well as to reduce working day hours. The same initiative considers extending the paternity leave from 5 to 20 days.

“These changes reinforce that a person’s mental health is essential to optimally performing their activities, as a lack of emotional balance can affect the way we think, feel, and face life, ” They said. Luz Cárdenas, coordinator of the Degree in Organizational Psychology at the School of Psychology of the CETES University Campus Mexicali.

Within the framework of the Mental Health Week organized in the said institution from October 10 to 14, the coordinator reminded that the main objective of this proposal is to reduce the physical and emotional impacts affecting the development of people in daily life and work tasks, because a Colleagues who have enough time to rest, balance their personal and work activities, and who enjoy the work environment are more productive.

According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico is the country with the most hours spent at work, with an average of 2,124 hours a year, while other OECD countries spend an average of 1,687 hours a year.

“In some cultures, such as the Mexican, more value is given to work, according to the number of hours worked and this is related to productivity. This is not always the case, so it is essential that the organization maintain the mental health of the employees. Prioritize health, which has worsened since COVID-19, causing a worsening of emotional states, emotional exhaustion and sometimes causing anxiety distress or depression. Episodes and mental fog, to remember and is perceived with difficulty in decision making, resulting in sadness and irritability in the associate, which in turn reflects a deterioration in the quality of work and widespread wear and tear.

This position has led many companies to offer psychological help to their partners at all levels, as well as strategies for promoting interactions, motivation courses, and psychosocial well-being, without forgetting changes such as implementation home Office Permanently, through physical activity and relaxation methods such as restructuring work schedules, diet care and a healthy lifestyle mindfulness

“Apart from the changes made by organisations, it is pertinent to remember the changes that took place after COVID-19, which showed us new options to live better. Stopping living together and not touching each other reminds us of people and wanting to be with them, for this reason, it is important to remember that we are capable of adapting to the changes that life presents to us. Let us live what we think and want. confinement, let’s remember that the farther we are, the more we need each other”, concluded the expert.

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