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You want to pay your loan early, your bank takes 11,000 euros from you

the essentials Near Toulouse, the director of this company wanted to repay his Covid loan early. His bank charged him compensation of 11,000 euros. After a kind appeal was rejected, he took legal action.

The idea was to save companies and jobs. During the Covid epidemic, the government created “state-guaranteed loans” that companies could apply for from banking organizations.

200,000 euros loaned in total, in 2020 and 2021

This is what Daniel Neveu, director of the Mechanical Construction and Manufacturing Workshop (ACFM), a small company of five employees, based in Saint-Orens, near Toulouse, did: “I work a lot in aeronautics and my activity has focused in abandoned. In April 2020 I borrowed 150,000 euros and, in May 2021, 50,000 euros more to keep my cash flowing,” says the manager, a client of the Banque populaire occitane for more than 40 years.

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The banker assures him that there will be no penalties for early repayment…

The loan payment is progressing and in 2022 Daniel has the opportunity to pay it early. “Business has recovered. I also had an unexpected income. Then I contact my banker. He tells me there is no problem. I go and ask if there will be no penalties if I pay my loan before the due date. He tells me no.”

10,928 euros taken from your account

Two months later, 10,928 euros were deducted from his account as “compensation for early repayment.” “I was hallucinating.” A “penalty” of 6%, while bank rates are at their lowest level during this period. “I later found out that some banks don’t apply any penalties. »

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The request for a free discount is rejected by his bank, of which he has been a customer for more than 40 years.

Daniel Neveu then requested a free discount, taking into account his seniority at the bank and the context: Covid, financial difficulties, period of fragility. The bank refuses. The director of the company does not want this to happen and that is why he hires a lawyer.

New refusal before the commercial court

Last Wednesday, September 13, accompanied by maître Saïda Berkouk, Daniel went to the commercial court of Toulouse, for an attempt at conciliation. Before the president of the court, the bank representative again refused to reach an agreement in favor of the client.

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“No comment” from the bank

Therefore, the procedure will continue. “My client knows very well that he signed these loans and that these sanctions were part of the contract. But he hopes for a little more understanding from his banking partner. »
The Banque Populaire Occitane, contacted by The Dépêche du MidiHe did not want to comment, “the judicial process is ongoing.”

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