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Year-end and beginning-of-year celebrations distract people from responsible self-care

The Central American and Caribbean Federation of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (FedPharma) calls on people to practice responsible self-care and not neglect their medical treatments during the beginning and end of the year.

Due to the many gatherings, economic income and the impulses of family and friendship, the Institute of Health tracks an increase in carelessness in food, healthy lifestyle and others among the Costa Rican population.

This is the reason why in months like December and January, when people usually break their routine, it is extremely important to pay attention to some measures and enjoy the festivities responsibly to avoid harming health in the short or medium term. :

On behalf of the organization, they call for daily action to take care of their own health, prevention and treatment of diseases and it is based on various topics such as having the right information about health, about one’s own physical and mental conditions. Being aware, doing physical activities, having a healthy diet, good hygiene habits, etc.

FedePharma’s executive director, Victoria Brenes, also said self-medication is part of the country’s health problem, however, responsible self-medication is considered a good self-care practice. Extreme caution should be taken with the use of over-the-counter medications, as unlike self-medication, self-prescription is considered irresponsible, as we do not really know what dose of medication each body requires. it occurs.

Being informed about personal health, being able to recognize symptoms, knowing the products available to us, and taking preventive measures will help patients and society in general to make better decisions about their health care.

Health experts recommend being responsible when handling medications, taking them on vacation, following established treatments to the letter, and avoiding combining medications with products such as caffeine and alcohol. @mundiario

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