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Why is it important to clear browser history?

Clearing browser history is necessary to protect privacyEspecially if a computer that is not owned by you is accessed frequently or occasionally.

This advice is essentially useful in cases where forms are filled out or personal data is entered on a foreign PC.,

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Experts advise to be careful if you have made Purchase and enter any bank details,

According to the specialized blog ‘Más Móvil’, when this happens, it is important to remove this information from the computer to prevent a stranger from accessing the sensitive information.

On the same lines, the ‘Zataka’ technology portal ensures that Clearing your browsing history helps prevent cookies from being stored on the pages you visit.,

These items must be removed from the history as they are stored in the device memory which can slow it down and in extreme cases prevent the ability to save new files,

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According to Xataka, the role of ‘Cookies’ to store information to learn about user’s browsing habits and send specific information on topics of interest to you,

However, it is something that they can take advantage of as well. Certain third parties, as well as those dedicated to stealing these records, to send advertisements and content relevant to the customer’s interests,

Step by Step to Clear Your History on Google

Thus, according to technology portal ‘Robotina’, this is one step to efficiently delete browser history.

-To delete Google search history, you just need to enter the page “”.

-Then click on the three dots, look for “Activities” and select “From the beginning”.

– Click “Next” and delete so that all traces disappear completely.

(This might help you: Google postpones removal of ‘cookies’ in Chrome until 2024).

Experts also say that it is possible to prevent visited web pages from tracking searches digitally. For that, you can set up automatic history deletion in five easy steps.,

– Log in to your Google Account

Go to the Privacy and Personalization option

Go to the History Settings section

-Select the activity you want to automatically delete

– Tap Deactivate or choose Pause.

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Israel Rodriguez wants to be world champion

For boxer Israel Rodriguez and his manager Ignacio Beristain The aim of Tlaxcalan’s career is to reach the world titles of the main official organizations. After adding his twenty-seventh win as a professional boxer, natives of zacatelco Will be internationalized in 2023, So, he is moving through the visa procedures to enter the United States, a country where the best paid boxing bags are distributed.

He is in his municipality after being succeeded on Saturday, March 18, in Chihuahua, Chihuahua.

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in an interview, He reported that in that fight he defeated Kevin Ronquillo by TKO in the second round, a fight scheduled for 10 rounds.

He noted that the referee declared a technical knockout in the second round because the venue had been hit hard in the first round. they hurt.

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As the bell rang to start the second round, the referee called for the doctor and then ruled that he could not continue fighting.“, They said.

He zacatelquense He insisted that he had 32 bouts as a professional boxer, of which he had won 25.

He insisted that he plans to fight in May or June, “I’m waiting to be authorized and given my visa, because I’m in the top 10 worldwide

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He remarked that “First God will come a world championship, that of the World Boxing Federation, which is the body in which I am ranked.”

He said that he is confident that 2023 will be a great year, “I do not lift my finger from the line of working hard because the rivals are stronger”.

He said that he maintains his preparation under the instructions of Don Nacho and his work team, which includes a physical trainer, a physiotherapist and a psychologist.

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,We have worked very hard and we will continue to work very hard to live up to the trust of family and friends who have supported me to continue I want to consolidate in the big leagues“, They said.

He thanked his manager for his confidence in him to become world champion, saying “I must have the tenacity and discipline for it, we will continue to wish him the very best.”

18 of Israel’s 25 wins have come by knockout

India Corona | New cases increased on a large scale.. This is the first case after five months..!

India Corona | The corona virus spreading in the country (India) is once again becoming a cause of concern. For the last ten days, new cases are coming up on a large scale. Meanwhile, there has been a huge increase in new cases in the last 24 hours. More than two thousand new cases have come to light simultaneously.

India Corona |  New cases increased on a large scale.. This is the first case after five months..!

India Corona | The corona virus spreading in the country (India) is once again becoming a cause of concern. For the last ten days, new cases are coming up on a large scale. Meanwhile, there has been a huge increase in new cases in the last 24 hours. More than two thousand new cases have come to light simultaneously. According to the details provided by the officials of the Ministry of Health of India, from Tuesday morning till Wednesday 8 am, 1,42,497 people were tested for the virus, and 2,151 cases of corona virus were found. For the first time after last five months, cases have been registered at this level. Officials revealed that 2,208 positive cases were registered on October 28 last year.

With the fresh cases, the number of active cases in the country has gone up to 11,903. At the same time, the number of corona affected people in the country has increased to 4,47,09,676. So far 4,41,66,925 people have been cured of this pandemic. Three people died in Maharashtra, three in Kerala and one in Karnataka from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning. The total death toll is 5,30,848.

Officials of the Central Medical and Health Department said that out of the total positive cases registered so far, 0.03 percent are active. The recovery rate is 98.78 percent and the death rate is 1.19 percent. Union Health Ministry has revealed that 220.65 (220,65,76,697) crore doses of corona vaccine have been distributed across the country so far.

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Cal hires Mark Madsen as basketball coach

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) – California is hiring a former Stanford star to revitalize its struggling basketball program.

The Golden Bears announced Wednesday that Mark Madsen was signed to replace the fired Mark Fox after the worst season in school history.

Athletic director Jim Knowlton said, “We did an exhaustive search, and one name kept rising to the top – and that’s Mark Madsen.” “Mark is a guy of high character, high energy, high intensity, and he’s done it the right way. He’s intense. He’s passionate. He loves his student-athletes, and he loves to compete. We We want an ambassador for this program who will do us proud and develop our youth – both on and off the court. I am absolutely thrilled that Mark will lead our program into the future.”

Madsen played at Stanford under Mike Montgomery, who later coached at Cal from 1996 to 2000 and helped the Cardinals reach the Final Four in 1998.

After a nine-year playing career in the NBA that included two title appearances as a backup on the Lakers in 2001–02, Madsen moved into coaching.

He spent a year in the NBA’s developmental league and a year at Stanford before spending five seasons on the Lakers staff.

Madsen was then hired in 2019 to take over at Utah Valley State. They posted a 70–51 record over four years with a 28–9 mark this season before losing to UAB in the NIT semifinals on Tuesday night.

Madsen said, “Having grown up in this area, I have always admired Cal as an institution and as an athletic program; many of my teachers, coaches and friends are influential Cal graduates.” academic and athletic prowess and who will represent Cal with pride.

Madsen is the third head coach to switch sides in recent years in the Bay Area rivalry between Cal and Stanford. The Cardinals hired former Cal quarterback Troy Taylor to take over the football program last season, and Bears women’s basketball coach Charmaine Smith played and coached at Stanford as an assistant.

Madsen faced a difficult task, handling a program that went 3–29 under Fox and set a school record for most losses and worst winning percentage in a season.

Cal went 38–87 during Fox’s tenure, ending his final season on a 16-game losing streak. Fox’s .304 winning percentage ranking is the second worst in school history behind predecessor Viking Jones’ 16–47 mark (.254) in the two seasons prior to Fox’s arrival.

The Bears have not gone to the NCAA Tournament since 2016 and have not won a game in the tournament since 2013 under Montgomery.

Adding to the issues for Fox was a complete lack of interest in the program. Cal’s home attendance was just 2,155 this season, the lowest mark among any team in the Power 5 or Big East. That’s down from Cuonzo Martin’s average of 9,307 per game last season in 2016-17 and down from 5,627 the year before Fox arrived.

Cal had the worst winning percentage of any school in the six major conferences during Fox’s tenure. The Bears were the lowest scoring team (62.4 points per game) in all of Division I under Fox and had the worst scoring margin of any major conference team under Fox.


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‘Criticism of government not anti-India’: 300 lawyers urge Rijiju to withdraw remarks on retired judges

New Delhi: Over 300 advocates, including lawyers from the Supreme Court and various high courts, on Wednesday criticized Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, who said some retired judges have become “part of the anti-India gang” and urged him to withdraw his remarks. .

In a strongly worded statement issued by 323 advocates, they said the Union minister’s speech had “indirectly referred” to some retired judges as being part of the “anti-India gang” and urged those of the Supreme Court to Retired judges were “clearly threatened” that “nobody will be spared” and “those who work against the country will pay the price”.

“By threatening retired judges, the Law Minister is clearly sending a message to every citizen that dissenting voices will not be spared,” the statement said.

Criticizing his comments, the statement said, “We say without hesitation that critics of the government are in every way as patriotic as those in the government and critics who highlight failures or shortcomings in administration, or constitutional expose violations of the norms, doing an inherent and most basic exercise of human rights…”

The statement further said that such “harassment and intimidation” was unbecoming of the minister’s office and that criticism of the government is neither anti-national, nor “anti-India”.

Notably, speaking at the India Today Conclave on 18 March, Kiren Rijiju said that some retired judges and some activists, who are “part of the anti-India gang” are trying to make the Indian judiciary play the role of the opposition party.

“The nation owes a debt of gratitude to our retired judges, and it does not matter whether one may personally agree or disagree with the views of an individual judge, whether serving or retired,” the statement said. The law minister has been asked to “publicly withdraw his remarks and refrain from making such remarks in future”.

The signatories to the statement include senior advocates from the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, Bombay High Court, Gauhati High Court, Gujarat High Court, Himachal Pradesh High Court, Jharkhand High Court, Karnataka High Court, Kerala High Court, lawyers and advocates from Madras were involved. High Court, Manipur High Court, Meghalaya High Court, Patna High Court, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Rajasthan High Court, Telangana High Court and Uttar Pradesh High Court.

Matix earned 1.55 million, 6.88% more than Indra as CEO

Indra’s CEO, Ignacio Matix, received a remuneration of 1.5 million euros in 2022, up 6.88% from the previous year, while the technology company’s president, Marc Murtagh, earned 595,000 euros, 73% more, due to the fact That this is his first term in full financial year. The firm’s other executive director and general director of IT, Luis Abril, has received 894,000 euros when he took up the position following the departure of Cristina Ruiz last April, according to a remuneration report published this Wednesday at the National Market Commission. Securities (CNMV).

The report details the compensation that was announced when two top executives of the technology firm were sacked from office. Cristina Ruiz was appointed CEO of Indra’s digital transformation and information technology consulting sector in June 2021 and was fired on April 21, 2022. Upon leaving the company “by mutual agreement”, compensation of 4 million euros. The figure corresponds to his salary up to April, 1.8 million euros in compensation and 16,000 euros in earned leave plus 1.8 million euros for his non-compete clause.

Similarly, the firm’s former executive chairman, Fernando Abril-Martorell, who left the company in May 2021 and was replaced by Murtra on SEPI’s proposal, has also received 1.16 million euros in 2022 as compensation. Settlement. In 2021, the executive has already received 2.7 million euros, including a fixed salary (315,000 euros) and a variable salary (367,000 euros), compensation of 775,000 euros for not receiving three months’ notice of dismissal, and another 1,189 million Euro included. for other concepts.

end of matix

Indra’s board of directors approved the dismissal of Ignacio Matix on 6 March, although it was agreed by “mutual agreement” with the CEO that he would remain in office until a replacement was chosen by an independent consultant. The decision would mean that, once he departs, Matix would receive compensation, which Indra did not elaborate on in its 2022 report.

In short, the president of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), Rodrigo Buenaventura, indicated this Wednesday that the stock market supervisory body is “monitoring” Matix’s departure as CEO of the semi-public company following the merger of State Co. Will do de Participaciones Industriales (Sepi), the company Sapa and the investment fund Amber Capital, during a June 2022 meeting, which led to a complete turmoil on the board, with most of the independent representatives subsequently ceasing to act or resign Gave.

However, Buenaventura reaffirmed that the maneuver did not violate regulations and there was no indication of a concerted action among shareholders, something that if proven would have forced the agency to demand a takeover bid. However, despite the fact that everything was done in accordance with the current legislation, the president of the organization recalls that what happened at the assembly of the technology group “was far from what Ibex company expected.” For this reason, he has proposed a series of measures to prevent cases like Indra’s from happening again.

Mataix’s salary in 2022 is made up of a fixed payment of 644,000 euros and short-term variable remuneration of another 744,000 euros. In addition, it has got an option to acquire 72,455 shares of the firm on a deferred basis after meeting 114% of the target set for the year.

In addition, Matix has received a contribution of 424,000 euros and Abril 73,000 euros in his long-term savings plan. The company qualifies in the report submitted to the CNMV that the plan is not equivalent to a pension plan and that the executive director is entitled to receive it only at the age of 62, which is why Cristina Ruiz resigned after leaving the company. given.

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The ‘clowncore’ trend rocked by Harry Styles and Lady Gaga is no joke

fashion and beauty

March 29, 2023 | 3:17 pm

Send over the clowns, we’re selling pink lips for red noses.

In an era of bulky silhouettes, bloated accessories and They Big Red Boots are down for the designer clowns.

Clowncore – almost-ridiculous renditions of recognizable clown motifs – is rife on the Cirque du runways and Fashion Circus’ ringmasters are taking the theatrical trend to new heights.

#Clowncore has garnered over 496 million views on TikTok and is more than just an ode to Harlequin. Some brands’ latest lines walk a tightrope between camp and opulence.

Take BODE’s Jenny Onesie, Chanel’s Spring 2023 showman top hats and neck bows or Harry Styles’ checkered glitter one-piece, worn by Michelle Williams at the Grammy Awards. Even Armani Privé’s Spring 2023 couture line sparkled with bazaar elegance in checkered ruched collars, tulle accents and diamond embellishments.

Of course, it helps that Lady Gaga has stepped into the role of the infamous Harley Quinn for “Joker: Folie à Deux.” And like the barbiecore next to the “Barbie” movie, life often imitates the big screen.

If they’re any indication that zany has entered the zeitgeist, then clowns are the new chic.

“Clowncore allows everyone to be in on the fun,” fashion TikToker Kelly Heyer told the post. “It’s like saying on the runway, ‘Look how gorgeous and exaggerated and ridiculous I look!’

Moschino, known for its kitsch, experimented with the jester motif as seen on Bella Hadid.
Danielle Venturelli / WireImage
Styles rocked a plunging, checkered jumpsuit at the Grammy Awards.

“The world is scary right now,” said the New York content creator. “People are hidden. We’ve spent so long isolated and given time to think about who we are.

This trend doesn’t last for Bozos though.

Christopher John Rogers’ Pre-Fall 2023 collection, while elegant silk frocks paired high-brow, amusingly red noses on models, some of whom wore comically-high headpieces.

Ruffled collars and diamond shapes, clowncores most commonly, were part of Armani Privé’s collection.
WWD via Getty Images
In addition to bold silhouettes, Rogers elevates the looks — and makes them quite literal — by adding clown makeup and even a bright red nose.

The celeb-favorite designer also added extreme silhouettes — from teeny corset waists to oversized, parachute pants and dresses — in nods to historic jokester Pierrot, who was notorious for his painted face and tufted collar to match.

Rogers also included a satin, roomy front with large button embellishments, a unique take on a collar ruffled to look like a blossoming flower; and classic diamond harlequin geometry.

Lady Gaga is starring in the “Joker” sequel and was seen rocking Harley Quinn makeup on the set.
Jose Perez /
Styles looks great in Joker chic.
Getty Images for HS

He also experimented with geometry – circle cut-outs, stripes, checkers and color blocking – and sky-high headpieces, as well as baggy suits and ballooning hips that mimic those of a clown. Even the makeup and accessories have an air of tomfoolery: bright blue eye shadow, a bold lip and even on some models, a bulbous red nose.

“I love the wide range of emotions the characters can represent,” Rogers told Elle.

“I always look to stock characters like Pierrot for inspiration, and we thought it would be a lovely addition to add fabric flowers to the center front,” he said.

And “it” girls — fashionistas, not “it” clown Pennywise — are paying attention, as items like Lowe’s $1,100 Balloon Pump go viral.

Rogers’ exaggerated shoulders and hips add to the caricature fashion trend.
Clowncore, as performed by Rogers, is a joyous celebration of color, shape and silhouette.

But clowncore surrealism may just be the latest installment of the surrealism that’s on the runways this season. the “puff-ification” of Prada cult classics; Collina Strada’s Ethical Animal Prosthetics; And Wonderland-esque haute couture gowns are just part of fashion’s fickle wave.

The clowning here and there, Heyer suggested, serves more as an escape from our grim reality than a reflection of it – or a bit of comic relief.

Chanel’s top hats and neckties exemplified high-brow entertainment.
Getty Images

Heyer said, “I see the rise of clowncore as our desire to be silly and grandiose and funny as things grow around us.”

“We need to find happiness somewhere and I think wearing these clothes, this costume of a clown, allows us to be the character and express our happiness.”

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Americans continue to worry about China-Taiwan tensions

A growing share of Americans are concerned about tensions between China and Taiwan, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted March 20-26, 2023. Nearly half of US adults (47%) say tensions between mainland China and Taiwan are a very serious problem. For the United States, up 4 percentage points from October 2022 and up 19 points from February 2021.

The survey comes as Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visits the US, with informal stops planned in New York and California, where she is scheduled to meet with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry has said it “firmly opposes” all forms of US contact with Taiwanese officials.

The Pew Research Center conducted the study to examine US attitudes toward Taiwan and its relationship with mainland China. For this analysis, we surveyed 3,576 US adults from March 20-26, 2023. Each participant in this survey is a member of the center’s American Trends Panel (ATP), an online survey panel recruited through a national, random sample. residential address. In this way almost all American adults have the opportunity to choose. The survey is weighted by gender, race, ethnicity, partisan affiliation, education and other categories to be representative of the US adult population. Read more about how ATP works.

Here are the questions used for this analysis, along with the responses and its methodology.

Among the American public, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are much more concerned about tensions between China and Taiwan (52% versus 45%) than Democrats and those with a Democratic leaning. Conservative Republicans are more likely than moderate or liberal Republicans (61% versus 38%) to see these tensions as a very serious problem.

Men are more likely than women to say that tensions between China and Taiwan are a very serious problem for the US, as are older Americans and more educated people compared to younger Americans and those with less education . It’s important to note that men and those with at least some college education are also more likely than their counterparts to answer yes to this question.

Most Americans have a favorable opinion of Taiwan

A bar chart showing that 66% of Americans view Taiwan favorably

In contrast to Americans’ overwhelmingly negative views of China, the American public views Taiwan in a favorable light. Nearly two-thirds of Americans (66%) say they have a positive opinion of Taiwan, including 11% Very Favorable view, according to the same poll.

Americans with favorable attitudes toward Taiwan are more likely to be concerned about tensions between mainland China and Taiwan. Among American adults who view Taiwan favorably, 55% say cross-strait tensions are a very serious problem for the US. Among those who view Taiwan in a negative light, 32% see these tensions as a threat to the US. consider it a serious problem

Democrats view Taiwan in a slightly more positive light than Republicans (70% vs. 64%). There is a difference of opinion within the parties on this question as well. Liberal Democrats are more likely than conservative or moderate Democrats (77% versus 65%) to view Taiwan favorably, and conservative Republicans are more likely to do so than moderate and liberal Republicans (67% versus 58%). There is a possibility.

Men are more likely than women to view Taiwan favorably, as do more educated people. Nearly three-quarters or more of Americans with a bachelor’s degree (76%) or master’s degree (79%) have a favorable opinion of Taiwan, compared with nearly six-in-ten of those who have some. College education or less. (Men and people with college degrees are also more likely to answer yes to this question.)

Older Americans also view Taiwan more favorably than younger Americans. Nearly seven-in-ten Americans (72%) aged 65 and older report a favorable opinion of Taiwan, compared to a smaller majority in younger age groups.

US House Speaker McCarthy plans to meet with Taiwan’s president in California this month, but has not ruled out visiting Taiwan.

A bar chart showing that in the fall of 2022, Americans preferred US politicians visiting Taiwan over relations with China

In past Pew Research Center polling, Americans generally viewed the prospect of such travel favorably. In October 2022, shortly after then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, 54% of Americans said the US should continue to allow high-level politicians to visit Taiwan, even if it hurts bilateral relations with China. In contrast, 38% said the US should prioritize relations with China instead of sending politicians to Taiwan.

Although American political dynamics may have shifted since then, there were no partisan differences in Americans’ opinion on how the US should conduct diplomatic travel to Taiwan in the future. Republicans were as likely as Democrats (56% each) to prefer US officials visiting Taiwan. Conservative Republicans and moderate Democrats again stood out relative to moderates in each party as more likely to say that the US should continue high-level visits to Taiwan even at the expense of relations with China.

Note: Here are the questions used for this analysis, along with the responses and its methodology.

Christine Huang is a research analyst at the Pew Research Center with a focus on global perspectives.