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World Cup Qatar 2022: ‘Dadi la-la-la-la’ furore reaches Washington Post

Historic US newspaper echoes viral song in Argentina during World Cup. He defined it as a “lucky charm”.

Within hours Argentina national team Controversy A new final of the World Cup, the madness is total in the country. It’s that World Cup fever has already monopolized everything and everyone. And it even reached one of the most important international media, where it echoed one of the viral hits of recent times.

about this Washington PostFrom the United States, who dedicated an article this Saturday to recount the phenomenon defined as “lucky charm” of Argentina.

It’s nothing more and nothing less than Maria Cristina Mariscotti. Or, as she is popularly known, “Grandma La-la-la-la-la”: the lady from Villa Luro who, after each match of the Albiceleste, is surrounded by hundreds of fans who sing her to the beat. Here We Go West, Classic by Village People.

“‘Grandma la-la-la-la-la!’, Argentina’s viral talisman at the World Cup”.Whose title is given by the North American media in their note.

Her web version devoted more than 20 paragraphs and at least three videos to telling Maria Cristina’s story, in which she explained in detail her relationship with football and, in particular, her role as the protagonist of the World Cup celebration. fame. , In addition, he dedicated several to the Argentine’s incredible infatuation with the sport.

“Grandma La La La” made it into The Washington Post.

“But as this soccer-obsessed nation prays for victory in Sunday’s final against France, it has turned Mariscotti into a national good luck charm – the masked, bespectacled face of millions of fans dreaming of glory.” Football”, stand out in a portion of the text.

And he adds: “Mariscotti honors the national passion as he hears from inside his house, the one in which he has spent almost his entire life, shouts and cheers after each victory. Then he emerges, the Argentine flag above him.” Back with, to join a group of shirtless youths who are jumping and singing in the streets.”

Near the end, The Washington Post draws a parallel between the air of jubilation and confusion over the country’s political and economic situation and the problems being experienced by Argentines during the final stages of the World Cup. Daily.

For Argentina, battling 100 percent annual inflation and a bitter political divide, the World Cup has offered a temporary respite from the bad news. A third World Cup championship would boost national sentiment.

 "grandma la la la" American newspaper on Twitter.

“Grandma La La La” on American newspaper Twitter.

And they end with a quote from ‘Grandma la la la’: “‘It will be more than a football achievement,’ said Mariscotti. ‘We need a moment of joy in Argentina,’ Maria Cristina went on to explain. Stopped trying to understand what Argentina is all about.

Who’s the lady they sing “Grandma, la-la-la-la-la” to

Maria Cristina is from Villa Luro, who like her father Pedro is a Boca fan and feels football in a special way. He celebrated the first World Cup star in 1978 with his friends and applauded every match of Carlos Salvador Bilardo’s team in 1986.

is maria cristina "grandma lalala",  Photo Mario Quinteros

Maria Cristina is “Lalala Dadi”. Photo Mario Quinteros

Argentina’s victory at Qatar 2022 went viral when a group of young people from his neighborhood, who meet in a house near the corner of Andalgala and CaguazĂș to watch the Argentina national team’s matches, took him to sing for him. Started coming home. ,

“Grandma, la-la-la-la”, reads the song in the midst of cheering for the win against Mexico, with lyrics from the song Go West, the Village People classic, which was later covered by the Pet Shop Boys. .

“But I’m not a grandma! They tell me that because of my hair and my age and it doesn’t bother me, but I’m not,” the singing muse told Clarins. Maria Cristina (76) shot to fame when her neighbors in Liniers heckled her during a celebration when she waved the national flag and filmed herself humming that line.


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