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Women: Importance of leading a healthy life

Note in collaboration with Dr. Nathalie Colomer, Head of the Family Medicine Unit at Clínica Alemana.

In the month of women, we tell you about the care that you should take care of in order to have a good quality of life and enjoy it to the fullest.

recommendations for a healthy diet

eating healthy is always worth it And not just when you need to lose weight.

Here are some tips for a good diet:

  • Order Meal Time: Ideally, eat every 4 hours. A typical mistake is, for example, the combination of eleven and dinner.
  • Choose the foods that are being consumed carefully: Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink water and stay hydrated: 6 to 8 glasses daily.
  • Avoid fried and fatty things: Such as cured meats, sausages, offal, butter, etc. Its consumption increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and increases the risk of heart diseases.
  • 3 servings of low-fat dairy a day To strengthen bones.
  • Increase fish consumption: At least 2 to 3 times a week. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, horse mackerel, grouper, trout, and sardines provide omega-3 acids that favor the cardiovascular system.
  • Include legumes at least 2 times a week: Without mixing them with cured meats, cheese, meats or scrambled eggs.
  • Read and compare food labels: Give preference to those with less fat, sugar and salt.

What are the benefits of physical activity in women?

Physical activity has many benefits for women’s health. These include reducing the risk of mental health ailments such as depression or anxiety, and helping to build good self-esteem. Besides, prevents heart diseases and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer; It contributes to strengthening the musculoskeletal system and regulates sleep among others.

Sports exercises should include:

  • aerobic exercise: Prevents heart diseases and helps in maintaining adequate body weight. Jogging, walking or cycling fall into this category.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises: Improving tonicity and increasing muscle mass. Some examples of this type of activity are Pilates or weight training at the gym.
  • Flexibility Exercises: They help prevent injuries associated with the practice of physical activity, for example, yoga.

Gynaecologist, an essential appointment

There are 2 important milestones in a woman’s life: the arrival of the first period (menarche) and the end of her fertile life (menopause).

When starting your sex life, you will need to decide which contraceptive method to use, which can range from sexual abstinence to pills, intrauterine devices or others that are suitable for you.

In menopause, women should worry about diseases or conditions that may appear during this period, such as increased cardiovascular risk and osteoporosis.

The women exams that should not be missed are:

To take care of the heart!

You should talk with your treating doctor to evaluate and address these various factors and, if necessary, make habit changes or begin specific drug therapy. For this, it is likely that you will need some tests and assessment of weight, height and blood pressure. Some of these tests are:

Taking care of the 8 essential factors has an effect that enhances your overall well-being in both your physical, mental and emotional health, and its benefits are greater than the sum of its effects.

If you need support or guidance in achieving a healthy lifestyle, you can consult one of our experts via teleconsulta from wherever you are.

This information is informational only and does not replace the opinion of a healthcare professional. In case of any symptoms or discomfort, we recommend that you consult your doctor. Also, please note that due to the changing nature of the topics covered in this article, some concepts may be subject to change from the original date of publication.
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