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Woman undergoes surgery on herself after burns and loses part of her fingers

In August 2022, a 35-year-old woman gave herself a tummy tuck makeover, however, when she woke up from surgery Severe burn marks were found on his hands, For which he had to amputate half of his thumb and part of his left middle finger.

According to Kennedy News, Shannin Palmer traveled from Washington, US to Mexico to submit it popular process To remove excess skin after three pregnancies and weight loss.

Although the surgery apparently went well, the mother of the family, who has shared part of her experience on social networks, told the outlet that she discovered one of the nurses had warmed up the bag of saline solution. keep her hands warm and take her pulseBut did not check the temperature of the bags before placing them on their hands.

their hands burned

Shannin didn’t realize she had second- and third-degree burns on her hands until she woke up from anesthesia. Furthermore, he explained that he only applied ointment and bandages, but his blisters were so large that they burst and drained.

35 year old mother said Had to stay in Mexican hospital for four days before being able to return to the United States for a second opinion after regaining feeling in his thumb and middle finger.

Palmer went to the burn unit at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, where underwent 20 sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber In a desperate attempt to save his hands, however, several weeks later he was faced with the reality of his injuries.

loss [dedos] The ones that turned black were third grade students and they had to be amputated, half of my right thumb and part of my left middle finger, it’s about half an inch short and they had to be boned.”

Later, Shannin was told that part of her fingers had to be amputated And that news caused him an anxiety attack, which he considers one of the worst days of his life.

end of september They closed the wounds with the skin plaster of his thigh And that procedure helped her recover, although she still can’t use her hands properly to this day.

Looking at your situation, Mom wants to warn other people who want to have surgery to examine the surgeons, the facilities, and the staff providing care, as she never imagined that her transformation would result in her losing part of her fingers.

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