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“Without cooking there is nothing…” Benjamin Baroche says more about the future of Teyssier

In Here Everything Begins, the start of the school year is just beginning and things are not going well anymore! Teyssier is facing a major problem and her cooking skills will be affected. Her interpreter, Benjamín Baroche, gives some details…

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A character at his worst in Here It All Begins! Teyssier (played by Benjamin Baroche) has been in crisis for several episodes. The strong-willed chef is totally overwhelmed by his multiple sclerosis. As he tries to hide his secret from the entire school, his symptoms continue to worsen. Anaïs (played by Julie Sassoust), confident in his secret, is present next to him. But this approach could well give people talk. What will become of Teyssier if he does not recover a correct state of health? His interpreter answers.

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It all starts here: “If we take away his work, we take away his reason for living” analyzes Benjamin Baroche about Teyssier

In an interview with our colleagues from Télé Poche, Benjamin Baroche returned to his character. Teyssier, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, is dealing with the negative effects of her disease, the loss of taste and smell, symptoms that could have consequences for her professional career if they lasted forever. “They would be terrible. Imagine a pianist who has a hand joint problem or a soccer player who can no longer kick a ball”, confesses the actor… “Teyssier is only made up of His Excellency. If we take away his work” If they take away the reason for living, they take away the reason for living. Without cooking, it’s nothing.”

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It all begins here: the end of the couple Anaïs and Théo?

Rumors are circulating at the Institute… In fact, many characters are asking questions about this sudden rapprochement between Teyssier and Anaïs. Because if the double-A boss is in on the secret, could these rumors reach Theo’s ears? His interpreter, Julie Sassoust, replies: “no, because Teyssier makes Anaïs promise that she won’t tell him, but she doesn’t want to worry him and bring him back from his world tour.” It remains to be seen if the rumors will ever subside…

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