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William alone in New York: why Kate Middleton did not want to accompany him to the United States

While Prince William has just landed in the United States for a two-day visit to New York, he is packing his bags alone in the city that never sleeps. In fact, his wife Kate Middleton would have decided to stay in the United Kingdom and not accompany him on this trip.

After France, there is the United States. During the launch of this year’s Rugby World Cup in France, Prince William and Kate Middleton They had left their suitcases on French soil to spend a weekend. The objective of this visit? Attend the first matches of the two teams they support: England and Wales. But once there, the couple had to separate as their respective teams did not play in the same cities. A visit that they could not make together and it seems that today it is like that again. On Monday, September 18, Prince William landed in the United States, alone, within the framework of the Earthshot Prize, a charitable initiative founded by the eldest son of Charles III. This is an event that rewards engineers and researchers who work every year to protect the environment.

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Kate Middleton stayed in England

If Kate Middleton chose not to accompany her husband this time, it is for a very particular reason. In fact, the Princess of Wales preferred to stay in England to take care of the couple’s three children: George, Charlotte and Luis. The British media Mirror explains that although the Princes of Wales frequently use the services of their nanny, María Teresa Turrión Borrallo, They like to take turns taking their children to school or being home when they return at the end of the day.

During these two days it will be Kate Middleton who will make sure to be present for the three little heirs of the Windsor family. Prince William may take more trips as part of the Earthshot Prize. Later this year he is expected to travel to Singapore for the official awards ceremony. According Mirror, Kate Middleton is also expected to remain in England during this future trip and will not accompany her husband.

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