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Why is it important to clear browser history?

Clearing browser history is necessary to protect privacyEspecially if a computer that is not owned by you is accessed frequently or occasionally.

This advice is essentially useful in cases where forms are filled out or personal data is entered on a foreign PC.,

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Experts advise to be careful if you have made Purchase and enter any bank details,

According to the specialized blog ‘Más Móvil’, when this happens, it is important to remove this information from the computer to prevent a stranger from accessing the sensitive information.

On the same lines, the ‘Zataka’ technology portal ensures that Clearing your browsing history helps prevent cookies from being stored on the pages you visit.,

These items must be removed from the history as they are stored in the device memory which can slow it down and in extreme cases prevent the ability to save new files,

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According to Xataka, the role of ‘Cookies’ to store information to learn about user’s browsing habits and send specific information on topics of interest to you,

However, it is something that they can take advantage of as well. Certain third parties, as well as those dedicated to stealing these records, to send advertisements and content relevant to the customer’s interests,

Step by Step to Clear Your History on Google

Thus, according to technology portal ‘Robotina’, this is one step to efficiently delete browser history.

-To delete Google search history, you just need to enter the page “”.

-Then click on the three dots, look for “Activities” and select “From the beginning”.

– Click “Next” and delete so that all traces disappear completely.

(This might help you: Google postpones removal of ‘cookies’ in Chrome until 2024).

Experts also say that it is possible to prevent visited web pages from tracking searches digitally. For that, you can set up automatic history deletion in five easy steps.,

– Log in to your Google Account

Go to the Privacy and Personalization option

Go to the History Settings section

-Select the activity you want to automatically delete

– Tap Deactivate or choose Pause.

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