Friday, September 29, 2023

When America takes fact-checking to a climax

But before I give you the antidote, unfortunately I have to inoculate you with some poison:

It happened on Sunday, on the American channel NBC.

The former president, once again a candidate, was invited by journalist Kristen Welker, who performed a journalistic performance, so to speak, of the most baroque. First she was happily deceived by Donald Trump, who continued to accumulate lies, without her being, at any time, able to correct him:

« Maybe I had the best economy in history! » Trump quietly misled her… with economic figures, with Joe Biden’s record or even with the cost of the war. But better than that, while Trump is the subject of four judicial investigations, the American interviewer never asked him about his responsibilities, preferring surprisingly psychologizing questions about his moods: “I want to know what’s in your head when you go to bed at night. Are you worried about going to jail? »“I would like to know what you have in mind when you go to sleep”…she asked him. “Are you afraid of ending up in prison? »

But I discovered the pompom at the end of the interview. Because after warmly thanking the person who had cheated on her profusely, Kristen Welker sat down with NBC viewers for a fact-checking session.

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What surprised me was the timeline.

The publisher M Listen later

Because the interview with Donald Trump did not take place live. It was previously recorded. Therefore, technically it was perfectly possible, instead of waiting for the end of the interview, to show subtitles during it, which would have allowed Donald Trump’s lies to be corrected.

However, I promised you an antidote in the preamble. A powerful antidote. He comes. It was invented by the American site “Decoding Fox News” that offers a surprising solution:

It’s Trump… without Trump, the voiceover explains, you won’t have to listen to his voice! The principle is simple: we no longer make politicians heard. A journalist summarizes what was said and corrects errors. “This is not true”, “this is not true”, the journalist sings, after each false accusation.

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Political sequences, without the voice of the candidates, and in which all the comments would have gone through a lie detector… Wouldn’t this be an excellent way to finally purge politics of its share of theater and nonsense? ?

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