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What is integrative medicine?

For example, you will find an integrative medicine space in Barcelona where the doctors on your team are professionals trained in conventional medicine but who later continued his training in other complementary therapies.

In this way they can combine the best of each therapy, in a rigorous and scientific way, to find the most appropriate treatment for each personwithout forgetting that each individual is unique and must be treated as a whole.

Health and well-being are one of society’s main concerns. When illness appears, it is necessary to fight it, but before this turning point, many things can be done to maintain balance in health and life.

The benefits of integrative medicine

There are several benefits to using a variety of techniques in the search for balance, both organic and emotional.

One of the bases of integrative medicine is the global approach to the patient and not just the disease. Here, Each individual is unique and the treatment indicated is completely personalizedtaking into account the physical, mental, emotional and energetic state of the patient but also their relationship with the environment and social, personal, family and professional relationships.

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The individualized therapeutic strategy that professionals develop based on all the information obtained during the first visit allows us to achieve optimal results, even in chronic diseases.

Besides, The combined use of medications and therapies manages to enhance the effects of the treatment.improve patients’ quality of life and response to treatment.

Some alternative therapies used along with conventional medicine.

There are several therapies that can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to improve the outcome through the positive synergies of the techniques.

For example, a diet adapted to the patient can help improve their health and even be part of the therapeutic process before starting pharmacological treatment. We all know Diseases that we know are linked to diet. but, in reality, a healthy and balanced diet adapted to the patient can help improve several imbalances.

And it’s not just diet that influences health. Physical exercise, sufficient sleep or stress management. This can help solve many of our problems.

In addition to basic medical care, other therapies can be used that have many benefits.

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This ancient technique is one of those used in traditional Chinese medicine and benefits from numerous scientific studies that support it.

It is based on the professional’s knowledge of Energy imbalances suffered by the patient. Apply acupuncture needles to appropriate points, thereby stimulating stagnant or blocked life energy.

When the Qi once again flows in a balanced way through the meridians, the patient will regain balance and will be able to reach their optimal state of health.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy has many advantages, the best known being tissue oxygenation. But its benefits don’t end there.

By administering medical ozone through drilling or direct applications It is possible to improve organ function, balance the immune system, stimulate peripheral circulation and even reduce inflammation and acute and chronic pain.


Phytotherapy is the use of medicinal plants.

Use medicinal plants This is something that society has done throughout history. In fact, most medicines are based on herbal knowledge.

Thanks to the selection of the appropriate plant by the professional, the patient’s balance and optimal state of health will be worked on.

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In aromatherapy, essential oils are used for topical or internal treatments.

account with sufficient scientific evidenceIt is possible to find scientific studies on its use for various diseases and even to enhance the effects of anesthesia.

In addition to the multiple benefits that can be obtained through the study of clinical cases treated with aromatherapy, the possibility of performing aromatograms allows improving therapychoosing the essential oil that will best respond to the patient’s infection, being a very specific and effective treatment.

Orthomolecular therapy

In close collaboration with dietetics and nutrition we can find orthomolecular therapy. In this therapy we seek Achieve optimal health by providing the body with nutrients.minerals and vitamins.

Supplementation is usually done through periodic nutrient intake in need but it is also possible to do it intravenously, in which case we talk about serum therapy.

Did you know what integrative medicine is? Have you had any experience with this? If so, don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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