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Weight loss: what is the plant milk with the fewest calories?

HE vegetable drinks, which are commonly called plant “milks” (although they are not actually milk), are popular among nutritionists. Whether they are made with dried fruits, nuts or cereals, plant milks are lower in fat and have fewer calories than cow’s milk, for example. If they are the ideal alternative for people lactose intoleranceVegetable milks are also the perfect drink to integrate into your coffees and smoothies if you are looking for Lose weight.

What is the vegetable milk with the fewest calories?

Oat, coconut, soy, hazelnut, rice or even almond milks… although there is a wide variety of plant milks to vary tastes and pleasures, not all of them have the same caloric intake. For example, cow’s milk contains 150 calories per 10 ml glass, while oat milk, one of the most popular milks, contains an average of 80 calories. Even if it is a milk with less fat than cow’s milkPlant-based milk can be quite delicious depending on how it is made and the ingredients from which it comes.

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Which plant milk should you choose to lose weight? Actually it is the almond milk which breaks all records, with 35 calories on average per cup. But that’s not all, since this almond drink is also gluten-free, low in saturated fatty acids, rich in vitamin E and calcium, and easy to digest because its texture is less consistent than that of its competitors. As part of a weight loss program, choose plain, unsweetened almond milk to avoid increasing your calorie intake.

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Weight loss: the benefits of plant milks

If almond milk is the lowest calorie plant milkOther plant-based drinks also have their own benefits and nutritional qualities. Oat milk, for example, is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which makes it a very good ally to strengthen the immune system and fight against deficiencies. Another very popular milk among nutrition specialists: coconut milk. Although it has a higher calorie content, its lipid and iron content makes it a recommended food for vegetarians and vegans. Finally, soy milk, a food rich in protein and fiber but low in fat, is one of the most popular plant milks for replace milk of animal origin.

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In summary, plant milks are a very good alternative to integrate as part of a dietary rebalance or simply to limit the caloric intake in your daily dairy drinks. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can opt for a vegetable drink with multiple benefits for your diet and your general health.

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