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War in Ukraine: kyiv’s difficult counteroffensive

Published on 09/19/2023 22:33

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War In Ukraine: Kyiv'S Difficult Counteroffensive

Ukraine asks for more help in its counteroffensive. Yesterday, Monday, September 18, kyiv announced new developments in the Bakhmut region. What happens on the site? Some answers with special correspondent Maryse Burgot.

On Monday, September 18, kyiv announced that it had conquered new territories in the Bakhmut region (Ukraine). “As long as President Zelensky is in New York, the difficult counteroffensive continues here”, reports Maryse Burgot’s duplex from Zaporizhia (Ukraine), on Tuesday, September 19. A brigade commander confirmed some small gains, especially on the southern front. According to reports, 5 km2 of Russian territory has been recaptured in the last six days.

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Wounded soldiers treated in the United States

But the commander also explains that “The thousands and thousands of mines left by the Russians prevent faster advance”, adds Maryse Burgot. Therefore, the assault troops must wait for deminers to clear a narrow corridor before they can advance. “The Ukrainian president saw wounded soldiers on the New York front who are being treated in the United States”, She continues. Some were injured by these mines.

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