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Vivo tech captures the adrenaline rush of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The ball rolls across Doha’s stadiums, the cheers of the fans are heard and felt at every game, and the presence of mobile phones to capture the excitement of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 makes itself felt.

As an official sponsor and a firm believer in the cultural impact of soccer, VIVO connects with people from different corners of the planet through its smartphone imaging system, which has become a great tool to watch every score and create great memories Huh.

sharp pictures in the dark

The opening ceremony Qatar 2022 captured by Vivo X80 Pro

Many matches in Qatar are played at night, so it is important to have sharp photography that distinguishes natural darkness from artificial light. imaging system x80 pro Capture world-class night-time photos and videos while detecting and swapping scenarios with artificial intelligence. it uses night video and High Dynamic Range Algorithm (HDR) in complex or moving scenes; Allows users to create professional quality videos with just one click.

On the other hand, there are live instruments, such as Series V25with technology super night portrait why super night videoWhich eliminate noise and enhance brightness, taking advantage of the Super Night algorithm to process the effects and colors of the images, and thus balance the color and light levels.

photo and video action

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Motion pictures captured by Vivo X80 Pro in Qatar 2022

x80 pro integrates the living one Active Centering Optical Stabilization System and 360º Horizon Leveling Stabilization This allows the lens to actively return to the center position at a speed of 25 ms to capture photos and videos of moving objects with greater sharpness, focusing on the object or subject that stars in the image. are, such as a ball or a player. In addition, the camera detects highlights by identifying the brightest people in the image, thus creating traces of blue light similar to those of a cine lens.

Series V25For its part, there is a Hybrid Image Stabilization System This reduces blurred images caused by motion, in addition to compensating for the lack of light in photos requiring long exposures. A perfect outfit for game night or an end-of-the-day celebration.

Enjoy with style and colorful harmony

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X80 Pro manages to capture the colorful celebrations of Qatar 2022

Sharing the spirit of the World Cup with your family and friends can be easily recorded with a smartphone that provides optimal lighting and bright yet realistic colours. The Vivo X80 Pro features Zeiss Natural Color Technology, which improves accuracy, color shift and brightness when shot through an AI Perception Engine, so that images better reflect what the human eye can perceive naturally.

Series V25other thing, It has a 64MP OIS night camera which accurately captures the colors and brightness of the images. With an 8MP Super Wide Angle Camera that delivers an excellent imaging experience and allows users to take high-quality, ultra-wide shots with ease, as well as a 2MP Super Macro Camera that lets you appreciate the texture of the grass allows to do. Food and other wonderful details.

From now till next 18th December, you have plenty of excuses to ‘catch’ the excitement of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. We invite you to enjoy this memorable event with enthusiasm till the final whistle.

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