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United States: Security guards armed with assault rifles to ensure the safety of customers at a fast food restaurant in Philadelphia

A Philadelphia fast food restaurant has hired guards armed with assault rifles to provide security. The owner says this is a measure to protect customers.

Security guards armed with assault rifles protect customers at a fast food restaurant. This amazing scene took place in Philadelphia, United States. Jim’s West Steak & Hoagies celebrated its reopening last Sunday, to the delight of its loyal customers.

To ensure their safety, heavily armed security guards were present and monitored the queue in front of the restaurant. Cortez Johnson, owner of the establishment, fully supported this measure on the local ABC channel: “Violence has really increased. We want people to be safe and feel safe. So when they come to eat here, they don’t want to worry.

Security guards will be present from Thursday to Sunday each week. It is an investment, but it is worth it, according to Saul Landers, the establishment’s financial director: “If we want to protect our business and everyone is protected, we have to pay the price.”

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“Not very easy to use”

As for customers, this imposing security measure does not seem to bother, although it is not unanimous: “Security and good food always go well together,” explains Nitah Dunham, a customer.

“I’m not a big fan of guns, but I understand them. If it deters criminals, I can’t complain,” added Mario Maiale, another customer.

On the other hand, William King, also a loyal customer of the restaurant, expressed his reservations about the security system: “It’s a little excessive. Having an armed security guard is fine. But walking around with a machine gun is not very friendly.”

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In 2015, the fast food restaurant was attacked by armed robbers who stole $215 in cash.

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