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End of mandatory clothing and strong enthusiasm in the Senate

End of mandatory clothing and strong enthusiasm in the Senate Hoodie, gym shorts… even a bikini? The Right Honorable Senators of the United States Congress now have the ability to dress however they want, a new freedom that not everyone likes.

The abolition of the strict dress code, announced on Sunday, was decided by the Democratic majority leader in the upper house, Chuck Schumer, sparking outraged reactions coming mainly from Republican elected officials.

Susan Collins, a septuagenarian senator from the state of Maine, considered that the measure amounted to “devaluing the institution.”

Jokingly, the elected Republican in an elegant suit pointed out that now nothing prevents her from coming to sit in a bikini, although she made it clear that she would not do so.

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End Of Mandatory Clothing And Strong Enthusiasm In The Senate


Susan Collins

Present on everyone’s minds, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman seems to be the first beneficiary of the end of the suit and tie in the Senate. In fact, he is known for his hoodies and basketball shorts.

A “sassy” way of dressing, considered Wyoming Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis. She lamented a decision that “dishonors” a prestigious federal legislative institution, which has the power to remove the president, confirm Supreme Court justices or even ratify international treaties.

End Of Mandatory Clothing And Strong Enthusiasm In The Senate


John Fetterman

“Out of respect, we should have some sense of decorum here,” Kansas Senator Roger Marshall also said. His North Dakota colleague, Kevin Cramer, denounced the attempt to “turn the United States Senate into a sports bar.”

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John Fetterman hailed “something good”, “a little more freedom” in a chamber where the average age exceeds 65 years and clarified “I don’t know why the right seems to be losing its mind” on the issue.

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