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Ukrainians get used to living in a minefield created by the Russians

The long-standing conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues even at this time. With many casualties and property damage being recorded, one could not imagine the terrible fate that the affected citizens experienced.

When Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded Ukraine, few residents knew what would happen next. Because of this, some people have fled war-torn areas to avoid injury and death.

Russian soldiers have their own way of taking advantage of the situation. Some reportedly looted groceries from a shop, while others raided some houses.

However, of all these things, the worst reality that Ukrainians have to face on a daily basis is how they can survive around a landmine zone.

How Russia Turned Ukraine Into Landmine Capital

(Photo: Sven Verweg from Unsplash)
According to research living in a landmine affected area can cause “psychological wounds”.

Just imagine how you live with bombs and landmines around you. Given the harsh conditions, it is difficult to tell how someone succeeds.

For example, there is a case where a husband and his wife are searching for mushrooms to eat. Little did they know that the next moment would change their lives forever.

As WIRED reports, the story of Lyuba, 66, is just one example of why Ukrainians have a ticking time bomb in their lifetimes. When he stepped on a landmine, he injured his leg. He also sustained a long wound that formed a line on his stomach.

Due to the very dangerous situation, paramedics were required to walk carefully towards the victim. They need to reach it without stepping into another landmine. Unfortunately, Luba was pronounced dead before he could reach the hospital for treatment.

According to Mark Hijne, associate director at Human Rights Watch, the Russians use this technique to “punish populations”. Generally, landmines and booby traps are used to capture unsuspecting enemies without any guns or weapons. However, what is happening is that they take away the hope of survival of the citizens during a particular period.

The WIRED report also mentions that about 30% of Ukraine’s total area is covered with a lot of explosives and other traps. These are planted to harm those who are planning to run away.

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Ukrainians suffer from psychological conditions

Because living in bomb-laden sites is so difficult, the chances of survival for the residents can get smaller every day. While others have already left their homes to seek safer places, some simply cannot do so.

Ruth Bottomley, a researcher specializing in the study of mine-filled sites, says some people are already very attached to their homeland.

Despite the possibility of dying in a single blast, some Ukrainians still returned to these dilapidated buildings.

According to research, people can develop “psychological scars” if they live in a place where explosives are commonly present.

The term “psychological scar” can also refer to the mental or emotional trauma a person receives from a very distressing situation, which in this case is war.

To make it worse, some people who survived landmine blasts reportedly became depressed. Some developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

To help them deal with the psychological torture, some organizations are in place to ease their overwhelming feeling.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reports that Putin has vowed to fulfill the country’s promise to achieve a “special military operation” in the neighboring country. The announcement was made after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently visited the US.

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