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Treasury launches scholarship program of up to 7,000 euros for opponents

The Ministry of Finance has already approved the regulatory bases of the future scholarship program for opponents of the bodies and scales of the General State Administration (AGE), which can reach 7,000 euros gross per year and will be renewable up to three times. In a ministerial order published this Friday state official newspaper (BoE), the Treasury details the criteria that will follow future calls for scholarships, with income levels being a key factor, with the aim of eliminating “socioeconomic barriers”.

The ministry, directed by María Jesús Monteiro, later elaborated in a statement that the scholarship would amount to a maximum of 7,000 gross euros per applicant, depending on their situation and the protest they are preparing. The amount is intended to help applicants with fewer resources or time to study certain oppositions “that require lengthy and thorough preparation.” In addition, the Treasury pointed out that these protests usually require an instructor, without whom it is difficult to achieve good results, which implies an economic cost that constitutes an access barrier that must now be eliminated. wants to

The program, managed by the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), aims to attract talent across bodies and scales of AGEs, whose opposition requires special “dedication” to overcome socioeconomic barriers. The call for scholarships, Treasury detailed, could be annual and would specify the number of scholarships, the bodies to which they are addressed, assessment criteria and deadlines.

According to the BOE, the scholarship will be awarded through a competitive competition process, primarily by income level, though qualifying in the last two calls, personal circumstances or recognized status of gender violence, victim of terrorism or disability. To receive assistance, applicants must prove that they are preparing the protest at a specialized center or under the direction of one or more preparers, who may not be direct relatives and must be members of relevant bodies or scales or professionals. Needed with trajectory.

The scholarship may be renewed up to three times, as long as the beneficiary continues to meet the requirements and obligations, has a favorable report from his preparer, and has filed for opposition. Beneficiaries will have to prove that they have carried out the activity for which they have been awarded the scholarship by submitting a supporting report every six months (specifying specific tasks and results achieved), certificate of achievement from the trainer and financial documents of payment was done. Material, protest or displacement challan fees. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the beneficiary will lose the scholarship and must return the amount received, in addition to being subject to a sanctioning regime.

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