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To the beat of hip hop and rap: this was the launch of Red Bull Batala International 2023 in Colombia

Colombia is preparing to receive the Red Bull Batala International 2023. Instagram: @Redbullcol

Bogotá vibrated to the rhythm of rap and hip hop as the official launch was held in the coffee capital, following the confirmation of Colombia as the venue for Red Bull Batalla 2023. In an event headlined by the three main freestyle exponents in the country, attendees are set to receive next year’s competition.

The night of Friday, December 16, was marked by bars sung by various artists participating in the event. Juan Camilo Ballesteros Bermúdez (Valles-T), Maribel Camilo Gómez (Marithia) and William Daniel Martín Martínez (Carpedim), were in charge of decorating the scene, because although their presence was only expected, they were surprised after competing with each other. Were.

The exhibition energized the public, which is already looking forward to the year 2023, as Colombia has been asking for a long time to play a major role on the scene, taking into account that it has hosted the event since 2006. Never hosted an event of this magnitude since the finals at the San Miguel de Bogotá Gallistic Club.

At the time, the champion of the celebrated Red Bull Battle of the Roosters was Spanish rapper David Martínez Álvarez, better known as Rayden.

During the event, one of the most enjoyable moments for the attendees was the stage performance of Alcolíricos, who stands as one of the most important on the Colombian hip hop scene. Within the framework of his presentation he sang several of his biggest hits, among which are: Todo lo bueno tarda, Baño de Ruda, La Tipica and, his latest single, El Ramet.

El Ramet stands as a landmark production, bearing in mind that it was performed in the company of tropical music legend Armando Hernandez.

At the launch of Red Bull Batala 2023, Alcoolericos encouraged the public.
At the launch of Red Bull Batala 2023, Alcoolericos encouraged the public.

“I was a kid when the first final was held in Colombia, now I can go and watch them live and I feel very excited”, “Colombia has been qualifying for a long time to host Red Bull and I Sure we’re not going to let the organizers down”, “They have to do it in Bogotá and the Movistar Arena” and “Thank you for thinking of us Colombians who love freestyle”; There were some comments that sparked the news.

That year, 16 artists from 15 countries participated in the Red Bull Batalla Final International: Chile, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Honduras, Ecuador and Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, United States , Dominican Republic and Argentina, was held at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, and the champion was again Axinos, who was declared in his native country.

– Axinos (Mexico) – defending international champion

– Scone (Spain) – International Runner-up 2021

– Gazir (Spain) – 3rd international place 2021

– Yoicer – National Champion of Mexico 2022

– Blon – National Champion of Spain 2022

– Carpedim – National Champion of Colombia 2022

– Diego Flores – National Champion of Ecuador 2022

– Lyrical Exodus – Central American Champion 2022

– Clash – National Champion of Peru 2022

-Mecha – National Champion of Argentina 2022

– Joker – National Champion of Chile

– Spektro – national champion of Uruguay

– Rapper (Mexico) – International Champion 2020

Wolf (Argentina) – Champion of the 2022 Square Tournament

-Terema (Chile) Best Second: Runner-up with most votes

– Captain (Mexico): Winner of the Runner-Up Tournament (Quadrangle)

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