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Tips for a Healthy Christmas: “Excesses Have Consequences”

Christmas is just around the corner and you have more or less already planned the menu and sweets you are going to present to your guests. those who go to the set table know These are days of excess and they take it for granted that they will put on a few kilos over these dates

But it is not necessary to be so. Enjoying Christmas with family and friends is also health-friendly and does not result in weight gain. “It is important to celebrate everything but we have failed to that extent,” says the doctor. manuel landechoSpecialist doctor of the check-up unit and obesity area of ​​the Clinic of the University of Navarra.

,We must balance party celebration and combine it with health care”, explains this expert who has given a talk on healthy lifestyles this Monday at the Patio de la Infanta Fundación Ibercaja.

“Celebrating Christmas around the table is a classic in Spain. We enjoy these days with family and friends, and don’t give up”, confirms Landecho. “It is necessary to take this opportunity to do what we have not been able to do in recent years, which is to meet our loved ones. in those words, In our country we are unbeatable, world champions”, continues this doctor.

“Enjoying Christmas We Are The Unbeatable World Champions”

“As far as physical care during these dates is concerned, our habits can be improved”, says Landeko. “These are two aspects that cannot be separated because healthy living is the combination of another series of elements that make up the care and balance of the body.”

“Our body tolerates small changes well on specific days, But the great excesses both food and drink results are the next day And they are not necessary to celebrate with the family”, assures this health expert.

“Our body tolerates small changes well, but large excesses have consequences the next day.”

“We must remember that we have to enjoy the family the next day as well. The strongest recommendation is we should celebrate everything but without forgetting tomorrow”, advises Landecho, and offers some advice:

  1. Consume less calories in the days before and after the celebration.
  2. Eat in moderation at family gatherings.
  3. Get some exercise in on the day we can.
  4. Try going home by taking the stairs instead of the lift.
  5. Park the car a short distance away and take a short walk.

“They are small efforts each day that we can plan for throughout the week. to enjoy the holidays without giving up anything”, he claims.

healthy resolutions for the new year

New Year’s resolutions are inevitable and almost everyone considers changing some aspect of their life that they are not completely satisfied with. However, as the year progresses, for some before others, objectives are falling on deaf ears And they are dropped, abandoned, waiting to be picked up again at the next end of the year.

Keeping them up seems a practically impossible challenge, for that’s the best way to make New Year’s resolutions. have a realistic plan that is, try to accomplish what you really know you canLandeko says.

“The way to keep our New Year’s resolutions is to have a realistic plan.”

,You should have goals, but you don’t need to achieve them quickly., You can’t lose weight in a week, but you can adopt habits that allow us to do so over a year and make small progress over and over again”, explains the doctor. Problem for this expert is that “we are short-sighted, but it is useless to lose weight quickly because then you will gain the weight back. Re-education and healthy habits are more important than great timely efforts”, assures Landecho.

According to this healthy living expert, you can’t start by covering too much, but rather “you have to evaluate what you’ve done in recent years and Set small milestones that are easy to achieve but can be maintained over time“, he says. That way, for example, you can “increase your steps per day little by little, take one more flight of stairs each day and stop snacking between meals,” says Landecho. Lists, and gives some specific advice.

“Eating 100 grams of almonds represents 500 calories, that is, one-third of what we should eat daily. so the same Almonds Not Necessary With Beer”, explains the doctor. Not only that, “removing butter from breakfast cookies can help you lose 3 kilos in three months or you can do without that daily yogurt that is eaten without hunger. That counts for 65,000 calories a year.” It is 6 or 7 kgs in a year”, continues this expert.

A prima facie it sounds simple, but for some people it can be a great effort to iron out these little quirks. “The basic purpose of achieving this is to want, For this it is necessary to focus on small challenges that are easy to deal with in the short term but which have a big impact over time and One day a week we can give each other prizesLandecho argues.

“It’s important to have common sense and be realistic, because things have a cost. We cannot set ourselves unattainable goals and ineffective strategies“, he points out. “This person himself knows what he can do and who can lead the improvement of health,” continues Landecho.

Although it is also good to have an outside person, “a doctor who controls and reviews whether the milestones are being met and if they are not being met, who finds out the reason and how to achieve it.” be done,” says the doctor. ,The key is a personal strategy, self led, and strike a balance Between personal life and health”, concluded Landecho.

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