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This should be kept in mind by technology companies in 2023

In Colombia, organizations face a major challenge in terms of consolidating and improving their information technology (IT) architecture, as well as the need to protect and safeguard their customers’ information.

This was stated by Jaime Bejarano, General Manager of Red Hat Colombia, who stressed: “The country has significant opportunities in terms of working and implementing cloud infrastructures that strengthen the efficiency of companies.”

In it he said: “The adoption of this technology will continue to be high and in this sense, managed solutions from the cloud, combined with open source, They form a powerful platform for the development of disruptive tools, capable of addressing specific demands, as well as helping to overcome challenges of any nature and scale.

The foregoing also supports the adoption and application of new cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and edge computing,

For its part, the BCG consulting firm indicates that Colombia is the third country in Latin America with the best market for cloud services or CloudWith 8%, Brazil and Mexico are followed by 45% and 23% respectively.


On the other hand, the Global Tech Outlook report shows that network security (40%) and cloud security (38%) are the top priorities in terms of third-party risk management or supply chain (12%).

For security or compliance employees (13%), they were given a lower funding priority. Bejarano highlighted the importance of pedagogy in moving towards comprehensive digital transformation.

He stressed that “organizations must also undertake a cultural change with open and collaborative processes, because They are an essential element in making the most of the opportunities offered by technology.,

For this reason, the appropriation of an open culture, guided by learning and continuous improvement, helps Colombian society to be a space for free collaboration, able to contribute creative ideas that are ultimately reflected in the productivity of companies.

artificial intelligence and credit

Camilo Vivi, on the other hand, country Manager Rico, of Colombia, said: “Some financial institutions are used to manually performing credit pre-approval processes that can take hours or even days to complete. This may change when implementing information capture and management systems.With predictive platforms that work with artificial intelligence, analyze collected data and deliver results in less time”.

He explained that “it accounts for more than 75% of user attention with respect to the current capacity of financial institutions such as savings and loan cooperatives or employee funds.”

According to the university, “It is expected that in the coming years nearly two billion people in Latin America will use their mobile phones to save, receive credit, make payments or request other financial services. This reflects that the implementation of new technological systems is an urgent need, because by anticipating future trends, financial companies and savings cooperatives will be able to stay one step ahead of the market, relieve their work teams and, most importantly, provide a great experience for its partners”.

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