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This is the diet Jesus Vazquez follows to stay in shape

This is the diet Jesus Vazquez follows to stay in shapeInstagram

carry a healthy lifestyle and stay fit It is something we all aspire to. Many times we take as reference public figures who have undergone a significant physical development and who, in addition, Share their tricks for achieving your goals. Recent familiar faces like rose lopez hey Vicky Martin BerocaThey’ve confessed what their habits and routines are and they’ve gotten too involved Jesus Vazquez, The presenter shares the keys she follows to keep her immune system strong and resistant, and at the same time take care of her health, both physical and mental. the key is to move An immunofitness lifestyle.

Immunofitness is a physical movement oriented immune system careBecause of the importance of this structure in the health of the organism. When the immune system is in perfect condition, it is ready to fight off viruses and bacteria that attack the body. If the immune system is weak, the immune response will be less effective and the likelihood of illness increases significantly.

it is based on four essential pillars and allows us to maintain our functional ability and our energy, even though we may be celebrating our birthday. There are four aspects to consider:

Other personalities who have given assurance follow this lifestyle carlos sobera, The presenter has assured that at the age of 61 she is very aware of the need to take care of herself and lead a healthy life and for this reason she believes that this model is perfect for staying fit and healthy.

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