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The works with which Ruta Ann continues to position Medellin in the science, technology and innovation sector

Ruta N contributed to the creation of 3,316 jobs in 2022, as well as the establishment of 55 technology-based companies in the city and attracted $9,902 million in venture capital.

“Ruta En works to improve the quality of life of those who live in Medellin and for the last 13 years we expressed the science, technology and innovation system in an intelligent and collaborative way with society, universities, the state Is. companies and the international community. This year, Ruta N helped create 3,316 CTI jobs”, highlighted Iván Dario Castaño, Executive Director of Ruta N.

Since 2020, the corporation has helped create 11,994 quality STI jobs and attract 121 such companies to the city.

“We are a company that currently has around 100 employees; We were 12 years old when we arrived in Medellin. Ruta N offered us a solution with growth opportunities and relevant contacts,” said Camilo Santos, Colombia manager of digital marketing agency Dayvo Sistemas, a company with more than 17 years in the market and one of the established One is through the Ruta Ann’s Attractions program in Medellin.

The corporation comes up with CTI businesses and so far this year, 804 of these businesses have been strengthened: 56% from the eight Software Valley centers in the territories, 42% from the Entrepreneurship Pathway, 1% from social innovation programs and 1% from other Strengthening program from.

In addition, 161 CTI businesses were funded: 61% through the Entrepreneurship Route, 30% along the Orange Route and 9% through the funding program.

On the other hand, since 2020, Ruta N has contributed to the strengthening of 1,305 CTI businesses and financed 399 such businesses. The STI Planning and Specialized Innovation Node Ruta N leads the STI agenda in Medellin and during this year leads six projects that put the plan into action: Strengthening of R&D capabilities of Medellin organizations, Science and technology public policy, Innovation and Reindustrialization (CTI+R), talent and employability, social innovation, funding and open innovation.

What is this job about?

Ruta N connects business challenges with innovative startup solutions; The program is called Open Innovation and 59 business challenges were taken up during the year. Furthermore, the corporation articulates all strategies and actors of specific innovation nodes that involve citizen participation and allow the creation of a local ecosystem to solve global problems.

In 2022, seven technical secretariats of nodes were formed, they implemented the Solid Waste Specialized Innovation Node, and added three specialized innovation nodes for public services, security and GovTech.

Ruta en’s challenges in 2023 include increasing the occupancy percentage of the corporation’s real estate model and continuing to consolidate and articulate the Medellin entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Job offers at the end of the year in Medellin and Antioquia

The Comfenalco Antioquia Employment Management and Placement Agency announced on December 19 that the department has more than 500 job offers to close this 2022 in seven subsectors.

Vacancies are available in the municipalities of Valle de Abura, East, North, Bajo Cauca, South-West, North and Uraba for high school graduates, technicians, technologists and professionals who meet the basic requirements.

Anyone interested can consult the details of the closing dates for sending resumes on the portal in the Employment Agency section and subsequently in the Offers tab.

Requests to access a job consist of registering a job profile on the official website of the Employment Service: and applying only for the vacancy for which the profile is found.

Abura Valley

Abura Valley has 150 jobs for Graphic Designer, Database Architect, Psychologist, Head of Occupational Health, Public Accountant, Agronomist, Systems Engineer, Marketing Analyst, Accounting & Financial Analyst.

Looking for Business Administrators, Foreign Trade Coordinators, Academic Coordinators, Commercial Consultants, Call Center Consultants, Design Assistants, Human Talent Assistants, Purchasing Assistants, Accounting Assistants, Logistics Assistants, Production Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Executive Businessmen, Waiters, Gardeners, Drivers Also, messenger and operator.

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