Friday, September 29, 2023

The United States will press for reform of the UN Security Council

The United States will press for reform of the UN Security Council President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the United States will continue to push for much-needed reforms at the U.N. Security Council, mired in a persistent “impasse” that prevents the body from carrying out its essential functions.

Biden told world leaders in his speech at the 78th UN General Assembly that his administration “has engaged in serious consultations with many member states” on expanding the Council, and said Washington “will continue to do its part to advance efforts of reform”.

“We must be able to break the stalemate that too often hinders progress and blocks consensus within the Council. We need more voices, more perspectives around the table,” he said at the international organization’s headquarters in New York.

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“The United Nations must continue to preserve peace, prevent conflict, and alleviate human suffering. And we welcome nations that step forward to show new paths and seek new progress on difficult issues,” Biden added.

The US president particularly highlighted the current tumult in Haiti (a Caribbean country), pointing to efforts led by countries in the region to facilitate the essential intra-Haitian dialogue, and where the East African nation of Kenya has volunteered to lead a UN security mission.

“The United States is working at all levels to make global institutions more responsive, more effective, and more inclusive,” he said.

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Addressing great power rivalry with China, which increasingly defines the global order, Biden said Washington seeks to “responsibly manage competition between our countries so that it does not descend into conflict,” and said his administration was “ for risk reduction, not for China.” -directed by decoupling.”

“We will reject aggression and intimidation to defend the rules of the road, from freedom of navigation to theft and a level economic playing field, that have helped safeguard security and prosperity for decades. But we are also willing to work with China on issues where progress depends on our joint efforts,” he said.

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“This is fundamental in the context of the acceleration of the climate crisis,” he added.

* Translated from English by Mounir Bennour.

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