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The story of failure of BJP’s 9 years rule

The people of the country are witnessing such dark days in the history of democracy which have never been seen before. The BJP, which came to power at the Center with the promise of good days, is showing good days to the people. If the welfare of the people is compromised..the country turns into a pit of fire not only with controversial and wrong decisions. Today (Friday) it has been 9 years since Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister.

The story of failure of BJP's 9 years rule

  • unprecedented situation in the country
  • Modi government is showing ‘true’ days to the people
  • In 9 years the center has failed on 9 important points
  • India tops in inflation, unemployment and debt
  • Total flop in national security and progress indicators

The people of the country are witnessing such dark days in the history of democracy which have never been seen before. The BJP, which came to power at the Center with the promise of good days, is showing good days to the people. If the welfare of the people is compromised..the country turns into a pit of fire not only with controversial and wrong decisions. Today (Friday) it has been 9 years since Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister. A report with statistics of the pathetic condition of the caste people during nine years of BJP rule.



(Special Task Bureau) Hyderabad, May 25 (Namaste Telangana): Pataram above… Lotaram below… BJP rule is in shambles. Perhaps no one else has the credit of taking the country back 90 years within 9 years of coming to power. This record is with the BJP government at the Centre. non-promising, skyrocketing prices, competing for lowest performance in international indices, leading to unemployment, setting new records in borrowing, endangering national security, alienating citizens from irrelevant decisions, implementing policies and Sitting without thinking ahead, using constitutional institutions for political purposes.. In 9 years of BJP’s rule, the entire country has been ruined. If we look at the performance of Modi government in 9 major areas..

9 Totally Guaranteed To Flop

Before taking over the reins of power in 2014, Modi had mainly promised the people of the country on nine issues. He will build a house for everyone. But today one out of every two people does not have their own nest. We will make India without hunger. India has slipped to 107th position in the Hunger Index. Industries will get a boost and they will expand. 270 per day, till now 8 lakh companies have been locked.



He will protect the self-respect of the people of the country. As per the results, India topped the slavery index in the world. Beds and ambulances will be arranged in all dispensaries. Instances of ambulance services or parents carrying a dead child on their shoulders have become routine. There is no need to talk about the shortage of beds in hospitals during Corona. Filled the country with wealth, took out black money and put in Rs. 15 lakhs will be deposited. So now every Indian has a debt of Rs 1.2 lakh. A bank account will be opened for all. 21 crore people still do not have an account. 70 percent of the houses do not have water supply. Every house will be given electricity connection. 40 percent of the houses have electricity only for 8 hours. No one knows the benefit of Modi’s 90 events and tours in 9 years. It is being claimed that these were organized with the intention of making the Prime Minister always in the news.

14 Index.. 49 Items of Hades

India ranked worst on 14 indices terming unemployment, education and healthcare as keys to national development. World Hunger Index (107), Health and Survival Index (146), Human Freedom Index (150), World Happiness Index (139), Environmental Protection Index (180), Global Gender Equality Index (135), EIU Democracy Index (53) , Henley Passport Index (90), Human Development Index (132), Press Freedom Index (142), Pension Index (41), Corruption Index (85), Misery Index (103), Slavery Index (1) are the highest in almost all countries. is below. regions. reached the underworld.



Apart from these main indicators, out of 53 other indicators brought out by various international research institutes, India’s position has been poor in 49 items. 6 index related to civil rights, pluralism, 7 index related to health, education, rule of law, corruption, transparent sectors, 8 index related to freedom of religion, sustainability, 6 index related to climate protection, 4 index related to women safety, India ranks last in 49 out of 53 indices on 5 indices related to equality, economic freedom.


massive unemployment

During the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime Ministerial candidate Modi had assured to provide 2 crore jobs every year to the unemployed youth of the country.



However, the BJP government failed to fulfill its promise and could fill only 8 lakh jobs in the last 9 years. Despite reports from the NITI Aayog and the Finance Ministry that there are lakhs of vacancies in central government departments, the Center has not been able to fill them. As a result, 22 crore young men and women are walking on the streets because they do not have adequate educational qualification. According to the latest report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate rose to 8.11 per cent in April from 7.8 per cent in March. This is the first time the unemployment rate has risen to this level since last December.

Jobs to be given from 2014-2023 18 crores

So far a suitable measure of educational qualification is required22 crores

According to BJP’s promise in 2014, jobs will be given every year2 crores

Jobs filled in last 9 years 8 lakhs

national security at stake

Even though China has been trespassing and intruding into Indian territory on the border, the BJP government at the Center has not responded. When 20 soldiers were martyred in Galvan, the Center started banning Chinese apps.



The Dragon Nation, which was further incensed by this, annexed strategic Indian areas like Galwan, Pangang Tso, Gogra, Hotsprings, which till then were buffer zones. Even though China described the Galvan incident as its pride, the Center did not say anything. Even though China is unilaterally changing the names of regions in Arunachal, the Center is silent. It has criticized the BJP government’s stand on national security.

misuse of investigative agencies

Criticizing the anti-people policies of the central government will lead to the dismissal of the Enforcement Directorate (ED). If you fight against those policies, CBI will attack. The BJP government at the center is misusing the constitutional institutions.



So far, ED has registered a total of 121 cases, out of which 115 i.e. 95 per cent have been registered against opposition leaders. The CBI registered 124 cases, of which 118 were against opposition leaders. Less than 0.5 percent of cases resulted in conviction. In nine years, 5,422 cases were registered under PMLA (money laundering) and other sections, of which 5,150 were registered against opposition leaders, which shows how the situation in the country deteriorated during the BJP rule. Compared to the 10 years of UPA rule, the number of cases registered against the opposition was 27 times more during the 9 years of BJP rule. 149 cases of sedition have been registered against Modi for criticizing his policies.

Burden of prices..petro, gas fire

In 75 years of independent India, prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing like never before. Between 2014-2023, the prices of food items used in daily life have increased by 300 percent.

The prices of rice, milk, pulses, tamarind are burning. Common people are afraid to eat even when their stomach is full. In 2014, a family of three spent Rs 1,000 per week, but now Rs. reached 1,638. Normal Savings Account Rs. Should have been 18 lakh crores.. Now Rs. 5 lakh crores. The rates of petrol, diesel and cylinders are also skyrocketing. In 2014 Rs. 399 LPG.. Now Rs. 1,159 to Rs. Petrol Rs 71 per liter from Rs 109.66 to Rs. 55 Diesel Rs. increased to 97.


Each has a debt of Rs 1.2 lakh

Since independence till 2014, the governments which were in power at the center borrowed Rs.55,87,149 crores for the country, in the last 9 years only the BJP government has taken a loan of Rs.55,87,149 crores. 112,77,238 crore in debt. The total debt on the country is Rs. 168,64,387 crores.

money outlet

money outlet

Means from newborn egg to embryo Rs. 1.2 lakh loan has been calculated. 8 lakh crore rupees have to be spent annually on the payment of soil. Experts say that 20 per cent of this year’s budget allocation is going towards soil construction. At the same time, the BJP government has made a record of writing off the bad loans related to the big corporates that gave money to the banks. Thefts increased 10 times in the 9 years of BJP’s rule, about Rs. The Center has waived the loan of 12 lakhs.

Debt of previous central governments in 67 years 55,87,149 crores

The debt on the center during the 9 years of BJP’s rule112,77,238 crore

Debt burden on every citizen of the country 1.2 lakh

Citizens are victims of wrong decisions

A large number of common people have died due to the wrong decisions and policies of the BJP government at the Centre. Due to demonetisation, 108 people died due to not being able to stand in front of banks and ATMs.



169 civilians were killed in the clashes that followed the decision to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. 35 people killed in anti-CAA protest Protests in Delhi against CAA turned into communal clashes and tens of people died. Over 989 migrant workers died due to the lockdown decision taken at night. 702 farmers were killed in protest against the farm laws.

The Nine Processes of Tusumanna

The BJP government announced nine policies during its nine years of rule. Sitting in their implementation. Modi had boasted during the 2014 election campaign that if the BJP came to power, he would bring back all the black money stashed in Swiss banks. 15 lakh will be deposited in everyone’s account.
In reality black money was not brought back, but black money of Indians in Swiss bank increased during BJP rule. In 2016, the Modi government had said that demonetisation would stop fake notes and corrupt money would come out. Crores of poor are standing in queues in front of banks. But demonetisation failed. Due to this the country’s economy Rs. The loss is estimated at Rs 5 lakh crore.



The Center forced the states to explain that traders and people were facing difficulties due to multiple taxes and it would be easier to have one nation-one tax and bring in more GST. Many businesses have been affected by the tax slab. The BJP government has amended the Citizenship Act (CAA) to provide shelter to those facing religious persecution in neighboring countries. Protests started against NRC and NPR. The central government’s method of selling public sector assets has been the subject of intense debate for some time now. In the last 9 years, 120 public sector organizations have been abolished. Prime Minister Modi announced nationwide lockdown overnight and people faced immense hardships. Without transport facilities, thousands of migrant workers walked thousands of kilometers to their native places. Hundreds of people died of hunger and accidents on the way. Despite the opposition of the farmers, the Center insisted on implementing the agricultural laws. Farmers have been protesting for more than a year. In the end, PM Modi apologized to the farmers and announced that he was withdrawing the farm laws. The Center, which stopped recruitment in the army for two years, has again set fire to the name of Agneepath. It is trying to fill the army with contract army to reduce the cost. It is playing with the lives of the youth and at the same time doing experiments on the security of the country. Protests are taking place in 16 states against ‘Agneepath’. The BJP government, which claimed to double the income of farmers by 2022, did not fulfill it.

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