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The shocking words of Nicolas Sarkozy resonate even in Russia

Posted on 08/18/2023 21:35

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France 2

The Shocking Words Of Nicolas Sarkozy Resonate Even In Russia

Article written by France 2 – L.Lacroix, T.Maillet, L.Seux, D.Fossard, B.Veran, A.Sarlat

TVs from France

On the occasion of the launch of his new book, Nicolas Sarkozy invited himself to the war in Ukraine. He claims that a way out of the conflict must be found, even if it means displeasing Ukraine. Embarrassing comments for some and widely accepted and exploited by the Russian side.

Russian television makes its honey from Nicolas Sarkozy’s comments on Crimea. He even has the honors of the former Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev, who in a message in French speaks of a bold statement. What did Nicolas Sarkozy say? In his last book and in the Figaro Magazineacknowledges that Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 was contrary to international law.

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Part of the left considers his statements unacceptable

But then he makes this shocking statement: “Regarding this territory, which was Russian until 1954 and where the majority of the population has always felt Russian, I believe that any setback is illusory.He continues to express his doubts about Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. The statements contradict the official French position. A part of the left considers his statements unacceptable.

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