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The RN claims to have repaid its Russian loan contracted in 2014

The RN indicated this Tuesday that it had finished repaying the loan of 9.4 million euros that the party had obtained in 2014 from a Czech-Russian bank.

The National Group claimed, this Tuesday, September 19, to have “paid its loan in advance”, nine years after having obtained a loan of 9.4 million euros from a Czech-Russian bank, whose debt had been successively bought by banks Russians. companies.

“The company Aviazapchast has notified the National Assembly of the successful receipt of the funds corresponding to the early repayment of the loan contract that links the two entities,” indicates the flame party in a press release, underlining that it has “honored the refund of the balance”. of its loan for the amount of 6,088,784 euros, capital and interest included”, more than five years from the deadline of December 2028.

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A penalty-free refund

“The early payment of the debt was possible without penalties, with payment of contractual interest until the day of the transfer,” specifies the RN.

In 2014, the far-right party asked for a loan from a Czech-Russian bank, the First Czech-Russian Bank (FCBR), although the French banks refused, according to him, to lend him money.

Following the bank’s bankruptcy, the debt was sold to a Russian car rental company, Conti, and then resold in 2019 to Aviazapchast, a company run by former Russian military personnel and specializing in aircraft spare parts.

A transfer that has become the Achilles heel of the game

The latter then took legal action against the RN for “non-reimbursement.” An amicable agreement was reached in June 2020 to reschedule this Russian loan over a period of eight years.

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But RN’s Russian loanee had become both his opponents’ favorite angle of attack and the match’s Achilles’ heel over the years.

Lors du débat d’entre-deux tours de l’élection présidentielle de 2022, two mois après l’invasion de l’Ukraine, le président Emmanuel Macron avait ainsi estimé que Marine Le Pen parlait «à (son) banquier quand elle parle de Russia”.

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