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The only US airline to offer free Wi-Fi to all passengers will add streaming service

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Inflight entertainment options have come a long way in recent years. The increasing availability of Wi-Fi and seatback entertainment options means airline passengers are rarely bored. While in-flight connectivity is becoming more common, only one US airline offers free in-flight Wi-Fi to all passengers. And as if that wasn’t enough, they just announced more passenger entertainment benefits.

JetBlue always goes above and beyond when it comes to keeping its passengers happy. This new partnership is yet another convenience offered by the airline to its customers. In addition to free Wi-Fi, the New York-based airline offers free snacks and drinks, screens on all seatbacks, and the widest seat width and generous legroom in the industry.

The plane's interior glows with screens on the seat backs that broadcast inflight entertainment

wifi for all

When it comes to Wi-Fi access, JetBlue makes no distinction. All passengers on all flights, even in economy class, have access to free high-speed Wi-Fi. The service, cleverly named “Fly-Fi,” makes it possible for all JetBlue passengers to stay connected from gateway to gateway on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. They are the only carrier in the US that offers such a comprehensive service.

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Woman sitting on her seat looking at her phone on an airplane

wifi everywhere

While all JetBlue flights offer free Wi-Fi, the coverage area may vary by route. All domestic flights in the contiguous United States have extended Wi-Fi service. Many Caribbean and Central American routes also have good coverage. In addition, JetBlue’s new European flights also offer expanded service to travelers. Tyler Fox, Managing Editor of Path of Travel, shared his experience with JetBlue Wi-Fi in a recent interview.

Woman holding cell phone on airplane, side view, looking out window

new entertainment union

While JetBlue has been allowing passengers to access entertainment on their devices via in-flight Wi-Fi for some time, they’ve taken a new step to provide even more entertainment. It was announced this week that the airline has entered into a new partnership with streaming service NBCUniversal Peacock. Beginning in the spring of 2023, Peacock will become the airline’s exclusive broadcast partner.

Colorful JetBlue interior promotes Peacock streaming with movie and show memorabilia
Image Courtesy of Jet Blue

Peacock was launched in the summer of 2020 and has an extensive library that will provide pilots with endless entertainment. The service provides access to countless NBC shows and series. In addition, films from Universal Pictures, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation, and more will also be available. Passengers will be provided with news, sports, movies and content in Spanish.

A man browses the inflight entertainment on the screen behind his seat

In a press release, JetBlue’s Director of Marketing and Loyalty, Jayne O’Brien, said, “We are excited to partner with Peacock, another fun and cool brand born in New York City that continues to raise the bar for the on-board experience.” entertainment by bringing new ways to delight our customers in the air and on the ground.

The new partnership means JetBlue passengers will have free access to the entire Peacock offering, including original series, movies, live sports and news. On-demand seatback screens will air popular shows like “Bel-Air,” “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin,” and “Poker Face.”

Blonde female tourist with netbook checking information on smartphone while sitting on airplane seat.  Young businesswoman sharing media from phone on laptop during airplane flight

too many screens you can handle

Peacock’s live streaming service will be available to all passengers on their seatback screens, but the connection doesn’t end there. Customers can also access the Service Library from their devices. In fact, passengers will be able to stream Mayur on any of their Wi-Fi connected devices, including smartphones, computers and tablets.

a jetblue plane flies in the clear blue sky

more privileges for members

JetBlue’s loyalty program TrueBlue also benefits from the new partnership with Peacock. TrueBlue members will have access to exclusive offers on Peacock subscriptions and earn TrueBlue points on any purchase. Those with TrueBlue Mosaic status will receive more rewards. Members with qualifying status will receive one year’s membership of Mayur Premium.

Inside a large airplane with people in seats and a uniformed stewardess walking down the aisle.

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