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The microbiota could affect bone health

The microbiota could affect bone health THE ESSENTIAL

    • New research provides evidence that a relative abundance of certain gut microbes may be linked to skeletal health.
    • Akkermansia and Clostridiales DTU089 bacteria may negatively affect bone density in the elderly.
    • Additional studies are needed to better understand the role of the microbiota in skeletal health.

The composition of the intestinal microbiota would act on health and, more specifically, on bone density. Here is the conclusion of the work presented by researchers from Hebrew Senior Life and the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research in the journal Frontiers in endocrinology September 21, 2023.

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Microbiota: certain bacteria affect bone health

For this work on the link between the microbiota and the skeleton, the scientists used data from a study that evaluated bone health in both sexes, as well as another that looked at osteoporotic fractures in elderly men. This represents more than 2,000 retested volunteers.

The results showed that bacteria from the intestinal microbiota, called Akkermansia and associated with obesity, as well as the bacteria Clostridiales DTU089, had negative associations with bone health in older adults.

“DTU089, a Clostridia class bacteria, has been described as more abundant in people with less physical activity and lower protein intake”, the authors specify in their press release published on September 26. For researchers, this finding could be important because previous studies have shown that protein intake and physical activity have a definitive link with skeletal health.

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“We found patterns in which microbiota composition was related to poorer measures of bone density and microarchitecture. In fact, certain bacteria were associated with differences in bone cross-sectional area, suggesting the possibility that some of these microbes may influence how bone size changes with aging. adds one of the lead authors, Dr. Douglas P. Kiel.

Microbiota and skeleton: the link remains to be understood

The team acknowledges that data are lacking to determine the full range of possible effects of the microbiota on skeletal health. Therefore, they demand more research.

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“Through additional studies, we will be able to gain insight into associations between specific bacterial species in the gut and skeletal integrity. We also hope to identify specific functional pathways influenced by bacteria that could influence the skeleton. For example, certain bacteria may lead to ” Low levels of inflammation that can affect bone health. “Ultimately, if results like this are confirmed, we could target the gut microbiota to influence skeletal health. “concludes the main author.

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