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The man from Bahia who built a technology company that exports its services today

Andres Kloster was 14 when he created his first website. It was a sports page from 2009 that didn’t get the number of visits they expected. This inspired him to investigate how to get more people to click to get there and self-educated he found what would later become the core of his company which today services important companies around the world. exports.

In 2016 he launched Eleven Agency with his partner Guido Mazzei and they provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service from their offices in Buenos Aires and Vienna.

“When we export knowledge, what matters is the added value. Argentina has some advantages, we have a lower cost of living than companies in Hong Kong or Tokyo, a similar schedule with the United States, national universities With a number of English and a very good level of human capital. Besides the fact that the constant crisis in Argentina has made us flexible,” he said on the program Nunca es Tarde, during an interview in the La Brujula 24 studio.

Kloster, who is a graduate of the Universidad Nacional del Sur, explained that part of the company’s job is to provide a service that makes websites rank as best as possible when users search on Google. This is directly related to the strategies related to the configuration of the page as well as the creation of other content.

The company has grown in record time and has a large clientele in Latin America, Europe and the United States. The Bahinsey revealed that what worked a lot for them was focusing on just one thing. “In this case it was SEO and focusing solely on it. People who are with a venture usually try many things, but the key is hyper-specialization”, he pointed out.

Kloster highlighted the importance of exporting services, especially in the tech sector, as he believes “it generates dollars, taxes and a lot of jobs. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed in the coming decades” You have to encourage it to grow.”

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