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The horror for Shauna, 28, who went to Turkey to have a gastric band fitted… while she was pregnant!

Shauna Samuel, a 28-year-old British woman, went to Turkey to have a gastric band fitted, but nothing went as planned. The young mother of two children underwent surgery while she… was pregnant.

Shauna didn’t know she was alive when she traveled to Izmir, Turkey, to undergo surgery. She thought everything had gone well, until she started to feel unwell and kept vomiting, says The Sun. Upon her return to the UK, her mother had to be hospitalized, severely dehydrated. The doctors performed several tests and it was then that the young woman learned that she was actually eight weeks pregnant with twins.

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At 13 weeks pregnant, Shauna lost one of her babies. “That meant she was five weeks pregnant when I had surgery,” says the young woman. “Obviously the doctors saw it during my preoperative tests, but they didn’t tell me and they operated on me anyway,” she laments.

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Therefore, Shauna contacted the Turkish hospital where she had surgery to demand accountability. After being repeatedly ignored, she finally received her medical history. Before the operation, she had indeed had blood tests and an ultrasound. And while she was reviewing the chart with her nurse friend, they discovered that she had pregnancy hormone levels of around 227, which is about five weeks pregnant.

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Since then, Shauna has been devastated by the tragic loss of one of the babies in her stomach. She has been waiting for an apology or explanation from the Turkish hospital for more than six weeks. And the operation she underwent could harm the health of the living baby. “I have to adjust to having a gastric sleeve, so I don’t eat enough for myself, much less to grow a baby,” she laments.

Shauna has contacted lawyers in the UK, but they do not want to “touch this case” due to the controversy surrounding the surgery in Turkey. “They told me that as long as everything goes well with the pregnancy there is nothing they can do,” Shauna explains again.

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