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The economic world paid tribute to Emilio Ontiveros

A long list of business personalities paid tribute to Emilio Ontiveros at the Mutua Madrilena auditorium in Madrid this Monday. Distinguished economist, Professor Emeritus of Business Economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid, passed away on 1 August. He was the founder of the International Financial Analysts (AFI), an event that has been attended by Nadia Calvino, the government’s first vice president. “He was a kind, caring, intelligent and committed man. Able to explain and inspire without the need for fuss or rough words. Emilio is very present in our day-to-day lives, especially for those of us who are financially work in policy, an area in which he was a true master”, explained Calvino.

Montserrat Dominguez, Partner at Ontiveros and Director of Materials for Cadena SER, initiated the event. He has done it enthusiastically, with a broken voice. “It’s so exciting to see so many friends here today who have been important in his life”, he transferred. After his speech, it was the turn of the Vice President of Analystas Financieros Internationales (AFI), Angel Burgess, who highlighted what Ontiveros meant for the organization of recognized prestige: “The AFI was Emilio’s family, it was his creature. was. And Emilio was the father of the AFI family. Thank you so much for everything you have given us.” Similarly, Pepa Bueno, the director of EL PAÍS, has highlighted his role as a broadcaster: “He was always available, with a great business. He had the wisdom of the greats and indeed the greatness of the wise, that is. There was humility. And he was also our teacher, one of the journalists we used to call on for everything when we didn’t understand something.

Among the individuals who took part in the tribute are Nadia Calvino, the first Vice President of the government; Pablo Hernandez de Cos, Governor of the Bank of Spain; their sons Ignacio and Emilio Ontiveros; Montserrat Dominguez, Director of Materials for Cadena SER; Ignacio Garalda, President of Mutua Madrilea; International Financial Analysts (AFI) CEO Borja Fonsillas; Angel Burgess, Vice President of Afi; Cayetano López, former rector and professor of theoretical physics at the Autonomous University of Madrid; Pepa Bueno, director of EL PAÍS, and author Manuel Vicente, among others.

The Governor of the Bank of Spain has highlighted Ontiveros’ work as an economist. “He was an essential analyst of the vast changes of the Spanish economy over the past 35 years. A wise economist”, said Hernández de Cos, he had a huge influence on the actors of economic policy. “I turned to Emilio on several occasions,” he admitted. Calvino recalled in his speech that he was a progressive economist and teacher of economists: “He knew how to go from theory to practice and he was an exceptionally popular figure. Very few knew the reality of Spain better.”

Ontiveros, born in 1948, was Professor Emeritus of Business Economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid, where he was Vice-Rector for four years. And he has been a visiting professor at several foreign and Spanish universities. In 1987, he founded Analystas Financieros Internationales (AFI), a consulting firm composed of 165 professionals in economics, mathematics and technology, which he headed until his death.

He was also the author of several books and collaborations in specialized magazines and media, including EL PAÍS. He was also a member of the editorial boards of several scientific and commercial publications. He was also a member of the Advisory Council on Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Economy directed by Nadia Calvino, who was present at the event, and was part of the board of directors of the Mutua Madrilena, which has given its auditorium to the event. “Emilio’s reflection, opinion and guidance during these past 13 years as director of our business group has been a privilege”, emphasized the insurer’s president, Ignacio Garalda. In which he said: “He was a man with a keen vocation for state service.”

Calvino also highlights the void that Ontiveros has left: “As Vice President, I would have liked his voice to be with me for many years. It has gone unexpectedly and left a silent silence.” He knew about everything and had a very good opinion about everything and I still hope to hear him whenever I turn on the radio”. The economist’s son Ignacio Ontiveros closed the program Has done: “Ever since we were little, my brother and I have seen people who recognized him on the street and told him they agreed with what he said on the radio. Or he simply congratulated his chief economist. And she continued: “We share with all of you the sadness of not being around him, but also the joy of being with him and learning and enjoying with him.”

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