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The deans of medicine want to eliminate new sectors considered inefficient.

The deans of medicine want to eliminate new sectors considered inefficient. A new reform of access to health studies is on the horizon, with the support of the Conference of Deans of Medicine, which, during its return to classes on Tuesday, September 19, obtained a very varied assessment of the implementation, in 2020, of licenses with access to health. (L.AS) and specific routes to access health (PASS).

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These renewed courses put an end to the common preparatory year for health studies (Paces). They were designed to diversify the profiles of the students and demonstrate the contribution, in addition to health studies, of parallel training in a career in the family of human and social sciences, in the face of the challenges of chronic diseases and the aging of the population. population or the artificial intelligence revolution.

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After three years, Benoît Veber, dean of the faculty of Rouen, who chairs the conference, considers it necessary to limit the number of licenses with health access, which some universities offer in dozens: “It is not natural to start a law degree to study medicine or pharmacy. Licenses in biology, chemistry, physics, or science and techniques of physical and sports activities are more logical. We must restore the coherence of the reform. »

“Very questionable inter-classification system”

Pour “simplify” As a system that remains misunderstood, the dean recommends that each university take stock and eliminate inefficient L.AS. “In Rouen, we have thirteen L.AS and some have only allowed one student to enter the second year. Is it worth it? »he asks bluntly.

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Decidedly unconvinced by the reform, the conference of deans proposes establishing, at the end of the first year, a common health test, which would serve as a reference point. “fair and readable” for juries. This would end a “highly questionable inter-classification system” that separates students from different L.AS and PASS who have validated their license year and whose grades remain poorly comparable. “This classification results in a classification we call the “Z score.” It is a black box, which gives rise to multiple appeals,” says M. Veber.

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Finally, the oral test must be taken by all candidates, without involving a cut: “The oral should count for a maximum of 30% of the final grade” estimates the dean of Rouen, distancing himself from some colleagues who have overrated this service by up to 70%, where the candidate is questioned on topics outside the medical field.

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