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The Cuban people feel very proud of leader Fidel’s first visit to Vietnam

The Cuban people feel very proud of leader Fidel’s first visit to Vietnam

On the occasion of the 50thmy Anniversary of the first visit of leader Fidel Castro to Vietnam and the liberated zone of the South in Quang Tri (September 1973), the Cuban ambassador to Vietnam, Orlando Nicolás Hernández Guillén, granted an interview to the Vietnam Information Agency (VNA) about the importance of this visit and the relations between Vietnam and Cuba.

>> President Fidel Castro remains in the hearts of the inhabitants of Quang Tri

>> Fidel Castro’s visit to Vietnam in 1973: a living symbol of solidarity

>> Further promote the faithful friendship between Vietnam and Cuba

Prime Minister Pham Van Dong (right) and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and Prime Minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Government, Fidel Castro, in Quang Tri.
Photo: VNA/CVN
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According to the Cuban ambassador, Fidel Castro considered the struggle of the Vietnamese people as one of the great tasks of humanity to strengthen sovereignty, independence and human dignity. During his visit to Vietnam on September 12, 1973 and to Quang Tri on September 15, 1973, he realized his great desire to see with his own eyes the struggle, fighting spirit and heroism of the Vietnamese people. Therefore, this visit had a special meaning for Fidel Castro, as well as for the people of both countries.

The Cubans were very proud of everything their commander in chief did at that time.

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Furthermore, the two Vietnamese and Cuban economies can complement each other in certain sectors. Vietnam is a large food producer, with an advanced level of scientific technology in agricultural-food production. This is, therefore, one of the sectors in which Vietnam can strengthen cooperation with Cuba, stated the Cuban diplomat.

To date, Vietnam helps and cooperates with Cuba in the areas of rice, coffee and aquaculture production. Additionally, Vietnam has made significant progress in developing clean energy.

The Cuban People Feel Very Proud Of Leader Fidel'S First Visit To Vietnam
Prime Minister Pham Van Dong (3my right) and the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and prime minister of the Cuban revolutionary government Fidel Castro (3my on the left).
Photo: VNA/CVN
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Vietnam is also an economy that exports a large amount of clothing, household appliances and other similar items, which are elements present in commercial and productive activities in Cuba for the domestic market, tourism and export. At the same time, Cuba has developed a powerful pharmaceutical industry with a superior scientific level.

Cuba has also achieved important scientific and technological achievements in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, there are many opportunities, not only to establish commercial relations, but also to create joint ventures in Vietnam to launch products based on the scientific achievements of Cuban science, stated the Cuban ambassador.


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