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The controversy of Rajae Maouane’s taxi trip: “She is trapped in her party’s business, a few months before the elections”

Should politicians be exemplary or do they have the right to make some behavioral errors? The issue of Rajae Maouane’s taxi trip during car-free Sunday animated the first debate of the program on the LN24 set. The Ecolo elected justified the fact of not having taken public transport or the bicycle with “I had 45 minutes by bicycle, it is a bit complicated.” “Isn’t she a victim of her honesty?” asked columnist Catherine Ernen, provoking a reaction from the other guests, including Mike Willemaers, a corporate communicator, who highlighted a communication error. “Bicycling is Ecolos’ business. And she is trapped in this, a few months before the elections,” he adds. For Nawal Bensalem, editor-in-chief of DH Les Sports +, it is Rajae Maouane’s justification (“It’s complicated”) that poses a problem.

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We tried the trip that Rajae Maouane could (should?) have done by bike: it only takes 22 minutes and not 45 as he claimed!

Next, Julien Bal’s team addressed the issue of the Brussels metro and the work of security agents who roam the areas of metro stations closed to the public and evict squatters, often aggressive because they are drugged or drunk. . The DH followed a security team into these shadowy corners, and journalist Arnaud Farr was present on set to describe this problem.

Nawal Bensalem related the situation in the metro stations and the insecurity at the Gare du Midi. “In recent weeks we have only talked about the Gare du Midi, but it is not only that. The public authorities came and said, ‘Okay, we’ll make it,’ but there are other problems,” he said, hoping things will change. “What bothers me is that all these problems come back every year,” lamented Mike Willemaers, pointing out that politicians are not “punished” for their inaction at the polls during elections.

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Arnaud Farr also explained how the squatters were in areas closed to the public.

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