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the chilling story of a kidnapping in an apartment in Nantes

Two men were arrested in the Malakoff district on Saturday. Four people found lying in a home are suspected of acts of torture and barbarism. The violence is believed to be related to drug trafficking.

Le Figaro Nantes

The description given by the victims causes chills. He witnesses brutal and cruel violence. They supposedly took place in the apartment and in the basement of a building in the Malakoff neighborhood of Nantes, an area well known to the police for the intense drug trafficking that takes place there. Furthermore, the accommodation in which four kidnapped people were found, located on Madrid Street, is located in the vicinity of a negotiation point.

The affair, reminiscent of dark movie scenes, began on Saturday morning with a phone call to the police. she was a woman “worry” for “near” of whom he had no further news, reported Renaud Gaudeul, prosecutor of Nantes. To clear up any doubt, a crew is sent there. A man “scared”Introducing himself as the tenant of the indicated accommodation, he opens the door to them. “Breaking down to tears, he explained to the agents that he was being held captive by two individuals still present (in the accommodation, ed.) who would force him to store drugs in his apartment.”reports a police source.

Head submerged in bath water.

During his terrible story, this 24-year-old says he is not the only one affected. Three other people suffered the same fate inside the premises. Then the police decide to enter and search the apartment. In a “room plunged into darkness”they find “Two prostrate women and a man”. According to the information provided by the Nantes prosecutor, they are the tenant’s partner, 46 years old, a friend of the latter, 31 years old, and the tenant’s uncle, 57 years old. They also denounce the presence of his torturers in “the attached bathroom”. A proven description, which led to the arrest and then taking into police custody of the duo. An Opinel knife was found in one of them.

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During the victims’ hearings, the members of the Territorial Directorate of the Nantes Judicial Police in charge of the investigation will become aware of the extent of the infamous abuses inflicted on them. “The two women with signs of violence on their faces indicated that their heads had been submerged in the bathwater and they almost drowned”, traces the police source. One of them “It is said that he has lost consciousness”. Sure “different parts of their bodies”especially the legs, “Traces of burns and bruises” Problems were also observed, says Renaud Gaudeul. They would result from the use “with the hot blade of a switchblade”he clarified.

gun in mouth

According to the prosecutor, who mentioned a kidnapping that began on “Wednesday or Thursday” According to the victims’ stories, one of the two kidnapped women also had a gun put in her mouth. An attacker would have played Russian roulette: “He put some ammunition in and fired twice without a single shot being fired.” One of them also mentioned having been “raped at gunpoint on several occasions,” said Renaud Gaudeul.

As for the two men found in the accommodation, they appear to have suffered less abuse. One of them was found with a bloody nose. Treated by firefighters, the four victims were taken to the hospital.without their lives being in danger.”. A fact that draws attention and is one of the gray areas that remains to be clarified by researchers: “a person (the tenant’s uncle, editor’s note) He left Nantes University Hospital shortly after his arrival and has not been heard from since.stressed the Nantes prosecutor.

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Debt linked to drug trafficking?

From the first elements communicated by the tenant, the case seems to be related to drug trafficking. “He explains that fifteen days before the kidnapping, some individuals came to meet him to force him to become a babysitter. (person who keeps narcotics at home, editor’s note). They then returned and discovered that 10,000 euros were missing. “In the accommodation they would have found 2000 euros”said the prosecutor, who insists that the conditional be used in this case, which is still nebulous in many aspects.

Among them, the fact that the tenant mentioned the “presence of five to six individuals” during the kidnapping. So far only two have been arrested and “numerous investigations” Investigations are being carried out to try to identify other possible perpetrators involved. The two individuals already detained at the scene question all the facts. They justify their presence on stage through a supposed “festive night with the tenant”. The search of the tenant’s apartment did not reveal the presence of narcotics or weapons, but 9 mm caliber ammunition was discovered there.

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Heavy criminal record

At the end of their police detention, the duo was accused of numerous charges: “arrest, kidnapping, detention in an organized gang”, “acts of torture and barbarism at a meeting”, “rape at a meeting”, “criminal association”, ” drug trafficking”, “violence with weapons in meetings”. Acts for which they run the risk of being sentenced to life imprisonment. One of the two suspects was placed in preventive detention. The other requested a deferred debate with the preventive detention judge. This It must be held within five days. Meanwhile, the accused is also incarcerated.

The prosecutor provided some information about the profiles of the two suspects. The first is a 27-year-old man, originally from the Ivory Coast, with a serious criminal record and “already known to the justice services”. He was the subject of “ten sentences” in particular for drug trafficking, violence aggravated by three aggravating circumstances and possession of a category B weapon. His last release dates back to November 2022. “He would have been present in the neighborhood for some time”, specified Renaud Gaudeul. The second suspect is a 20-year-old man from the Paris region, whose criminal record includes a single charge of simple robbery.

Among the investigations that investigators have yet to carry out are those related to the course of the kidnapping, which would have required going back and forth between the basement and the accommodation. Yeah “Scottish” and a “telephone cable” supposedly used to gag the victims’ mouths, we still have to try to understand why no one in the building realized what was happening right next to their homes.

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