Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The case of Amazon shoppers who asked for high tech and got cat food

There has been growing concern for Amazon customers in the UK. The reason is, as reported by the BBC, that many customers are getting cat food and other products instead of the high-tech items they bought.

The British public chain has this week brought to light dozens of complaints about the cause. It all started as a result of a story they published that featured a user case of an electronic commerce platform bought an iphone and bought dog food instead, Since then, as he points out, several buyers have also contacted him to report their cases.

The cases are in line with high-end products. For example, Jonathan bought a Sony Alpha 6-400 mobile for £900 and a lens for £520. Total, One order for £1,420 For which they got pet food.

In Heather’s case, her 15-year-old son asked for a piece of the computer. “Saving Her Life”, The result remained the same.

One of the affected people sent pictures from a camera outside his home so that the company could, in the first instance, verify that the delivery man i didn’t even knock on your door, Later, he had to claim again because they sent him pet food.

Amazon investigates matters

In this article, the BBC reviews 5 cases in which problems have emerged with claiming products from Amazon.

“When I opened the box, I had a wave of panic, I was shocked to see (brand) Felix cat food. I was very worried, because I knew it would not be easy to get my money back, ”one affected told the BBC the person said.

Many of these problems are related sign a package without checking inside, So Amazon has refused to refund the amount. Once achieved, the other hurdle has been time until the payments are made.

The BBC tells a spokesperson for the technology giant has assured they are investigating what happened and are already influencers contacted,

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