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The 10 sports that burn calories to lose weight

The 10 sports that burn calories to lose weight Combining regular physical activity with a balanced diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. In fact, physical activity helps burn calories, which plays a key role in weight loss.

Ranking of sports that burn calories

Here is a ranking of the popular sports that burn the most calories:

  • Running: approximately 600 calories per hour
  • Swimming: approximately 500 calories per hour
  • Cycling: approximately 400 calories per hour
  • Jogging: about 300 calories per hour
  • Tennis: approximately 250 calories per hour
  • Fitness: approximately 200 calories per hour
  • Hiking: approximately 180 calories per hour
  • Yoga and pilates: approximately 150 calories per hour
  • Walking: approximately 100 calories per hour
  • Dancing: about 80 calories per hour
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The best sports to lose weight gently

1. The walk

Walking is one of the best sports to lose weight gently. According to a study by Harvard University, a 70 kg person burns approximately 175 calories in 30 minutes of walking at a moderate pace of 6.4 km/h. A study on obese women shows that walking about an hour, 3 times a week, reduces body fat by 1.5% and waist circumference by 2.8 cm on average in 3 months.

Advantages of walking:

  • Easy to practice
  • No specific equipment required
  • Very low risk of injury.
  • Low stress on the joints.
  • Easy to integrate into a daily routine
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Disadvantages of walking:

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