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Technology drives strategies to capitalize on demand in hotel sector: Duetto

effect of experiment Technology in the Hotel Sector This can mean an increase in room rates of up to 32%. In this sense, by innovating in their revenue management solutions, the tourism industry is adapting and capitalizing on changes in customer demand.

According to Duetto’s Sales Director for Latin America, Patricia Elton, in an exclusive interview with NotiPress, the technology is essential to Maximize inventory and generate pricing strategies. These are oriented to provide the best value to the customer and focus on three pillars: Automated processes, centralized information, and scalable strategies,

According to Statista data, the hotel industry and tourism sector have grown over the past two years; Which contributed 7.5% of GDP in 2021. During the implementation of hygiene measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mexican hotel sector intensifies the search demand capping strategy, Among the destinations in greatest demand, tourism to the Caribbean stands out, whose main interested customers are on the European continent.

Faced with a global context of slowing tourism due to the pandemic, Elton declared: “We are the only country not to close borders, which has allowed us to capitalize on an exponential demand.” It is noteworthy that the health crisis gave visibility to a major issue: the Customer demands don’t always behave the same,

As a cloud-based service platform, Duetto highlights the use of technology Optimize data and communication between clients and platforms. By getting information in an easy-to-interpret format, the customer experience is reflected in the profits of the sector.

There is a double side to the management and interpretation of data to generate strategies: Own data, and third party data, Regarding the first case, the information about the data is Reservations, books and forecasts. while seconds are included Prices, Demand and Competition,

On the other hand, management through revenue management Plays a central role in data and technology applications in the region. In the opinion of Oracle company, revenue management is the key Customize products to customer needs and demandsEspecially in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries.

It is noteworthy that the three technology pillars discussed by Duetto are aimed at facilitating the work of revenue managers; Specifically to provide the time needed to generate strategies. Along these lines, the importance of using techniques such as Duetto is reflected in hotel sector performance During the most recent year, said the regional director. did not use the platform with Latin American countries in this regard open pricing They achieved only a 20% increase in the average rate per available room.

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