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Technology companies gain the trust of Mexicans – Report Indigo

87 percent of Mexicans trust the region Information Technology (IT) According to the “Edelman Trust Barometer Technology Special Report: Trust in Technology,” research that measures the level of faith But tech industry

The study was released in October and shows that the rate of National Trust higher than the global average, which is 76 percent.

“After a shaky decade in the trust placed in technology from January 2012 to January this year, the sector has improved credit And, by 2022, this is the industry that inspires the most confidence Mexico above like others Food & Beverage (85 percent), retail (79 percent) and consumer goods (78 per cent)”, says the report.

Mexican, according to Researchare more optimistic about the way technology can be used to positively impact society, even though they are also critical of some touchy points.

“The report shows that on average, more than 82 percent of Mexicans are concerned about data privacy. 80 percent consider cyber security to be an important issue and a similar proportion see the use of misinformation or false news as a strategic threat. afraid to do.

“Edelman Trust Barometer Technology Special Report: Trust in Technology”

Average, Mexico They rely more on national technology than on foreign. bettors index Mexico According to Edelman, it’s 71 percent, while 65 percent prefer what’s done outside the country.

is one of the main reasons for Doubt the mexicans have technology companies foreigners lack affinity with their governments (50 percent); concerns about adopted data protection laws (42 percent); believe that foreign governments will have access to the data of Mexican users (37 percent). Participants may respond with more than one reason.

Will a robot replace us? Mexicans’ concerns about technology

loss Mexican worker are worried (59 percent), more than world average,(51 percent) that technology or artificial intelligence (i a) can do the same, or do a better job than them.

66 percent of Mexicans believe the government does not have a Understand of emerging technology to regulate it effectively. Globally, 56 percent feel the same way.

To gain the trust of users, according to Mexicans new technologiesCompanies need to communicate both their benefits and their HarmAlso educate the public.

For Mexicans to feel comfortable sharing their data, they say companies must transparent as to how they collect Information provide more action consumers Here’s what you can do to make sure that your information is secure.

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