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Technology, commerce and Christmas: a well-matched ‘trio’ but markets still need a mindset shift

Technology and commerce are beginning to become an indissoluble pair. And Christmas only confirms this trend… Although with colours.

The pair was the main subject of the ‘Inover para Vivir’ space on the Onda Cerro program La Brujula and in collaboration with Accenture, where Tendam also participated, The company that brings together such well-known brands as Women’s Secret, Springfield, Courtefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Haus Entropia or most recently High Spirits, Dash & Stars and OOTO.

The first piece of information to appear relates to the fact that this is a Christmas forecast. Every Spaniard spends on average about 500 euros and this represents a drop of 5% Compared to last season. These are the figures from Accenture’s annual Christmas Shopping Survey.

[El ‘retail’, ante el desafío de utilizar la tecnología para una gestión de recursos humanos más eficiente]

Alberto Molina, Management Accenture Retail Directorcomments that “our annual survey has shown signs of a trend we have already felt”, In his opinion, “there has been a decline in spending compared to other previous campaigns, although perhaps not as much as seen in the general context.”

It is clear that inflation has had an impact on consumer budgets, considering the price hike forecast for 2023 and the noise of a possible recession. In fact, 23% of respondents admitted that they have to spend more money than they would like Due to the increase in prices, the survey highlighted.

“Nevertheless, we believe that the environment in this area is positive. The Basque Country has a per capita spending peak of up to 632 euros, Which is the region that is leading the regional rankings this Christmas? There are also more ingredients, such as Asturian, which will cost only 300 euros per person on average,” says Molina.

But we said that commerce and technology were linked to campaigns like Christmas, mainly because of the rise of Christmas. e-commerce. But the question is: Is this trend making enough of an impact to think about a change in the mindset of consumers?

Podcast: Accenture Y Tandem

Molina acknowledges that “we can say that this has been the campaign in which People can dare to experiment more, But the data tells us that shopping in physical stores is still a very important trend at Christmas”.

In fact, according to an Accenture survey, two out of three consumers prefer to physically visit a store. “And we’re saying experiment because we’re already starting to be certain that concepts like the metaverse or business virtuality are starting to generate interest. I’ll just briefly note: 12% of those people did their shopping in the metaverse.” is planned.Ale 72% are interested in visiting an online store during the Christmas season if it is offered by a well-known and trusted brand.”

confirm this review Jaime Miquel, President and CEO of Tandem. “Consumers are looking for accessibility, proximity, comfort and services. They are offered a capillary network of stores and a complete omnichannel offer that brings them closer to the product across multiple options and formats and which leads us to conclude that leads that both digital and physical will be the keys to the store if they are interconnected,” he believes.

“Actually—Mikael continues— The physical store now sees its role expanding. we turn it into reality Center logistics, Connecting Your Inventory to an Inventory Management System stores Allowing enterprise and employees to create orders globally e-commerce without always having to resort to a central logistics warehouse, reducing delivery times and increasing product availability, all with a reduced carbon footprint”.

Greater innovation

What is clear, however, is that year by year more innovation applies Not only in the relationship with the customer from a technical point of view but also from a product point of view.

According to the CEO of Tendam comments that “In situations stressed by crisis and possible recession, the product you sell becomes more important”, But this trend contrasts with the fact that “today’s consumer wants to buy clothing that can also be an investment. Our customers demand high quality and timeless fashion as a refuge from the hottest trends – which Is Quick fashion Or Less cost,

In this sense it is important stability is paramountHowever “although he demands more sustainable products, he is not willing to pay more for them”, reveals MD Retail From Accenture.

The head of Tandem says that “sustainability is a commitment that must come not only from companies – in our case, products with sustainability ingredients already account for 47%, driving forward our own objectives for the year-, There should be a commitment from the society as well.customers and regulators when it comes to raising awareness and legislating based on reality”.

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