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Technologies for future LEZ

very Spanish and European cities they face problems of pollution and air quality due to road traffic, responsible for 23% of greenhouse gas emissions According to experts, it has a direct impact on climate change.

In this context the Climate Change and Energy Transition LawAlso the Climate Emergency Declaration mandates, among other regulations, 149 Spanish city with more than 50,000 inhabitants, córdoba Involvedand sustainable urban mobility plans to set up Urban Low Emission Zones (ZBEs, where only low-polluting vehicles can access) before 2023 reducing gas emissions.

This obligation has been the subject of debate in recent times in the city of Córdoba because City Hall -Like other Spanish cities- have started this month without yet defining these LEZsHowever what was done in late November was to provide a technical support contract Drafting of definition project for these areas, where it is estimated 75% of the Cordoba Mobile Park was not operational. And this week began with the city council’s decision to match these LEZs with the existing Restricted Circulation Zones or Acire Zones, where circulation is allowed only a 7.5% cordovan vehicles based on various criteriaAt least polluting.

“Traffic restriction zones increase the attractiveness of cities”

related to these topics, EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), published in October a study on Regulation of urban vehicle access: from design to application, which analyzes the problem and Success stories from cities like London, Milan and Barcelona, Making a series of recommendations for the correct implementation of these regulation models that can be applied to cities like Córdoba.

In general, report Indicates the importance of using newly available technologies and of civil partnership, and highlights the role that regulation areas have “in reducing air pollution and improving air quality, reducing traffic congestion and improving road safety”. In addition, traffic restriction areas «Increase in attractiveness of cities and improve liveability through the management of public space in urban areas”, an idea that is applied to the Cordovan case, aimed not only at city dwellers but also at the tourism sector.

butWhat is the possible model of traffic restrictions and LEZ Cordova would be best suited for? Logically, the study does not give a specific answer, but it takes into account two considerations: the objectives to be achieved and What types of vehicles will be affected“A significant challenge for the municipal authorities”, it stated.

The Córdoba City Council proposes that the new LEZs coincide with the Acire areas. manuel murillo

also makes a Review of various technical options who exist to implement these models, which include Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR), short range communication (DSCR) and Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS), among others. Which technology to apply depends on the type of regulation you want to implement, the size of the city, the main purpose and the characteristics of public and private mobile parquet.

Among others, the report points to a possible solution based on pay for pollutionAs a preventive measure, using the above techniques. Huh Rates and Fees The number of drivers may depend on the time of day (rush hour), the type of vehicle, the distance traveled and the level of CO2 emissions of the vehicle in question. The more pollution, the higher the rate.

Highlights the importance of citizen participation in decision making


Similarly, the report highlights the importance of citizen participation, as “in the whole process it Citizens’ participation is very important in this. to address the special needs of certain groups and guarantee that all voices are represented”. In the case of Córdoba, not only citizens who live in potentially affected areas, but also other groups such as Transportation of goods, passengers and taxi area.

In short, the ideas that could be implemented in Córdoba, in addition to obeying the law against the clock, have joined a group of European cities that have increased traffic-restricted zones, the most common in Europe over the past three years. There is an increase of 40%. , according to this report.

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