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Sustainability, a capital issue in which technology can greatly help

energy efficiency It is increasingly rebelling as an element when it comes to buying a new construction home. Sustainability has become a major issue in the society and the real estate sector is no exception.

The process of choosing a flat will focus on a number of factors and one of them will be the presence of technologies, both in the building and the homes, that help take care of the planet. Keep them at a suitable temperature year-round with the least possible cost Households will aim to control energy bills, to which insulators that have come on the market in recent years can contribute.

aerothermia It will be a faithful ally for this purpose, which will also help to preserve the planet. All rooms will be kept at a predetermined constant temperature, thanks to a system of underfloor heating in winter and cooling in summer, thus achieving total thermal comfort.

kitchen This is the room in the house where you can do the most to help care for the planet. When buying a home, future owners should ask whether Appliances have energy efficiency certificate A, which is the best in the market. Once living, they can opt for economical programs of washing machines or dishwashers.

home automation

Sustainability is a faithful travel companion in technology. Thanks to this, energy expenditure can be optimized in all rooms. The current pace of life means that families spend less time each day at home. This situation is favored by the fact that mobile devices have become the owners’ best friends, allowing them to have complete control over various aspects of their home. The result will save time and money in addition to helping to better the planet.

Las online shopping’ They mean that a delivery partner will come to that address to deliver the package. it presupposes being or being at home intelligent intercom. It will notify the mobile when someone calls home. You’ll be able to see the person for who they are, open the door and even communicate with them to instruct them what they want.

Home automation makes life easier for families. It’s possible that in your nerves you forgot to turn off the air conditioning or heating when you left. Through any device, you can disconnect or modify the temperature.

sneaking into the kitchen home automation heaven There are many household appliances that can incorporate this and that make everyday life easier. Refrigerators can control what’s inside, warn when food has expired or is about to expire, offer recipes with available products, or even shop based on user experience. New technologies even allow you to program the dishwasher or washing machine without leaving the couch.

Smart bulb will reduce electricity cost as it is possible to control the intensity

Lighting can also be controlled. By smart bulb, which can be led to light; And with any mobile device with an internet connection, you can control the intensity or even turn them off without ever having to go near a plug. Lighting in common areas of a building can also contribute to combating climate change if a movement detector is installed in corridors.

Can you see a house without seeing it?

Home entertainment can be viewed online.

New technologies have advanced the process of buying and selling homes and with this advancement they also contribute to making the planet a better place every day. First of all, the Holding meetings through videoconferencing You will avoid unnecessary travel. In addition, web pages of construction companies usually have platforms that make it possible to view a Recreation of buildings thanks to augmented reality, so that before construction the owners check how their apartment will look like. Once you have decided to buy a home, The Internet will make it possible to customize the materials from which certain elements are to be manufactured Such as the color of doors or floors, as well as ceilings and walls. Digitization too Will facilitate procedures when signing contractsBecause it can be done remotely if both buyer and seller have digital signatures.

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