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Strasbourg will experiment with a four-day week and menstrual leave in 2024

“We realized that agents request the four-day week as an element of flexibility, which is an element of attraction for a certain number of potential young agents,” explains community vice president Syamak Agha Babaei.

Published on 09/19/2023 23:14

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Syamak Agha Babaei, Vice President Of The Strasbourg Eurometropolis, In Strasbourg (Bas Rhin), June 27, 202. (Franck Kobi / Maxppp)

The project is there but reflection is still underway to finalize the conditions of the test. The Eurometropolis of Strasbourg will experiment with a four-day working week in 2024 and with the introduction of menstrual leave, the vice president of the community, Syamak Agha Babaei, told AFP on Tuesday. “We realized that agents request the four-day week as an element of flexibility, that it is an element of attractiveness for a certain number of young potential agents and, finally, that it could have a beneficial effect for young parents who want to increase to 80% (working time) after birth”he explains.

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The metropolis plans to launch an experiment in 2024, with volunteer agents, of a 35-hour work week spread over four working days. “This is not without asking a certain number of questions, this implies extending the duration of daily work” go from seven to eight forty-five, the elected representative emphasizes. ““This is one of the issues we are discussing with union organizations.”

Treat menstrual leave “from the perspective of sick leave”?

The community also wants to experiment with the introduction of menstrual leave in 2024. “There are some pitfalls to avoid. Some communities deal with it from the point of view of sick leave. But that means providing medical certificates, and then we consider it as an illness?“Syamak Agha Babaei asked.

“But if we don’t look at this as a disease, it raises the question of equality of officers before the law. We still have to address all of these issues.” The elected official thus indicates that he wants “Take time”and waits for the establishment of a system “stabilized” during the year 2024.

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The ecological city council of Strasbourg also intends to implement, starting in 2024, and permanently, the 32-hour week paid at 35 by its Atsem (specialized territorial agents of nursery schools), to take into account “well-documented and proven difficulties” of the profession, explains Syamak Agha Babaei, also the first deputy mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian. She hopes this new organization will make recruiting easier to achieve the goal “one Atsem per class” in the approximately 130 nursery schools in the city.

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