Monday, June 5, 2023

Speak Up: How Are You Recycling?

Delaware lawmakers set a goal of recycling 60% of municipal waste by 2020, and the Delaware Recycling Public Advisory Council says we’ll reach 37% in 2021. The amount of material sent to landfill has increased for the 10th year in a row, and much of it has been attributed to “population growth and economic development within the state.” A current focus is on composting or reducing food waste. do you recycle? Do you buy products made from recycled materials? How do you limit your food waste?

  • My wife and I keep a separate can in a convenient spot inside our house to try this recycling thing. We have two bins that go up to the limit, and we were surprised that our recycle bin always contained more than the trash one. It is my belief that every citizen aspires to support legitimate efforts to be caretakers of the planet. Unfortunately, I believe some have taken this effort so far that it has become political folly. Balance is the key to achieving valid goals. Chris Wolfe
  • Recycling is a scam. China stopped buying material. Now, it’s all piling up in a landfill, waiting for a new buyer. — Mike Schwonder
  • The truth about recycling is that most of what people think they are recycling is going to landfill because it does not meet the previous requirements for recyclable material. Couple that with huge demand from places like China and the cost of manufacturing items from recycled materials and the current cost of things due to inflation, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. — Jonathan Content
  • Yes, we recycle everything we can. -Jeffrey Eichelberger
  • Put those containers back where they were and people will use them. – Howard Gaines III

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