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The twelfth edition of Trieste Next, which will take place from September 22 to 24, 2023, is titled “A new world. Science, culture and innovation for a sustainable future.”

“SOCIAL COMMUNICATION: RISKS AND CHALLENGES FOR THE FUTURE” ​​is the topic on which LILT collaborates and which will be presented by experts on September 22 from 9:00 to 9:45 in the Talk 1 space in Piazza dell’Unità from Italy.

The content was edited by Professor Scaggiante, Professor at the University of Trieste, coordinator of the LILT FVG and member of the LILT Scientific Technical Committee, and Professor Luca Chittaro, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Virtual Reality and Persuasive . user experience. University of Udine, one of the most important international social experts. Special guest of this event, Dr. Giuliano Castigliego, psychiatrist, analytical psychotherapist, member of the Psychoanalytic Academy of Italian Switzerland and the Swiss Balint Society and co-founder of the Humanmente Association. and member of the Digital Sustainability Foundation.

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The topic, dedicated to eighteen-year-old high school students, addresses social networks as a relevant phenomenon of multimedia communication, constantly growing and used by the majority of Italians. Social networks are used for social relations, but also for scientific dissemination, culture and health. What are the risks and benefits of using these digital tools? What is the future of social networks that foster relationships and communication that help improve human potential for a sustainable, just and ethical society? You will be with the Dr. talking. Giuliano Castigliego, psychiatrist/psychotherapist, Dr. Catrin Simeth, doctor from ASUGI and Prof. Bruna Scagiante from the University of Trieste. Introduction by Professor Luca Chittaro, director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Udine.


Professor Chittaro has a blog on Il Sole 24Ore: “Interactive. The different facets of the relationship between man and technology. How technologies influence the way we think and behave, how they should be designed as long as they are respectful of humans. New. » Solutions to new problems. A bridge between psychology and computer science.

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Dr. In addition to writing books on digital sustainability, Castigliego also maintains a blog on Il Sole 24Ore: “Border encounters: reflections on the limits of psychoanalysis, psychiatry and narrative in digital-human times.”

” Player. Introvert. Problem solver. Creator. Thinker. Lifelong food evangelist. Alcohol defender ».

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