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Sleeve. A couple from the equestrian world found hanged: the emotion and questions of the riders

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The Lydia and François Ducret stand did not open its doors on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at the CSO of the Pôle equestrian de Saint-Lô, which caused the riders to be present this weekend for the second competition that the Sellerie de Marigny and co-organized. (©La Prensa de la Mancha)

Parked in plain sight in the heart of the Saint-Lô racecourse (Manche), between the quarries and the exhibitors, the white truck of the Sellerie de Marigny keeps its doors closed, the forklift suspended in the air, like a ghost. .

Sunday, September 17, 2023and since the day before, with each look he aroused the pain and questions of the riders present at the show jumping competition (CSO) organized by the Pole and the saddlery.

During the night from Friday to Saturday, Lydia and François Ducret, the owners of Sellerie de Marigny, were found hanged in their house in Saint-Gilles (Manche), a small town located west of Saint-Lô. She was 55 years old, he was 51.

Minute of silence

On the sand of the main quarry, the cyclists involved observed a minute of silence on Sunday, September 17, 2023, at 4 p.m.

This disappearance is a shock. It is incomprehensible and it shocks us. We are all dejected, we try to be humble and introspective. We want this competition to end and move on. But they would have liked us to come to the equine sector to honor their memory.

Yann AdamDirector of the equestrian center

200 meters away, the Sellerie de Marigny, installed on two floors for two years, is now “temporarily closed”.

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It’s time for his family and two employees to do their thing. pain and reorganize.

The business was going well, very well, and he had acquired a solid reputation, essential for the department riders.

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“François was a highly appreciated saddler and very involved in the life of the industry and in human relations, especially in the English Channel,” highlights Yann Adam. Lydia was always with him, she did his embroidery and also gave him very good advice. They were both riders, they had horses with us and they were training here for an upcoming French championship in Tours-Pernay. They had plans, so his disappearance is incomprehensible. »

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“People fear the worst…”

in the hallways of horse racing centerOn Sunday, September 17, 2023, the cyclists were moved and thoughtful. Lydia and François, everyone knew them. Two passionate, kind and generous professionals, totally dedicated to the world of horses and united. “He lived at 160 kilometers per hour”, he was “deeply human and loved contact”, “he was from around Pin-au-Haras”.

Less and less is said about Lydia Ducret, “rather behind her husband in front of the stage,” says one broker.

There are words, doubts, questions that, of course, burn on the lips. “36 versions have been circulating here since Saturday,” whispers a retired cyclist. For a couple to hang themselves at the same time is not common, people fear the worst… »

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gendarmerie investigation

Waiting for the results of theautopsy of the bodieswhich should take place during the week, the gendarmerie investigation continues to determine the circumstances of this tragedy.

Lydia and François Ducret leave two adult children and an entire equestrian community, orphans. On social media, saddlery employees paid tribute to this couple “in love, always smiling and always there to support each other.”

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