Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Sing With A Spark Of Harmony Review

Today we bring you an anime with a simple and tender story of friendship and personal growth, seasoned with a touch of technology including artificial intelligence, sing with a spark of harmony, directed and written by Yasuhiro Yoshiura

ai no utago o kikasette in Japanese or sing some harmonytitle in English (which plays better with the double meaning of “bit”), account story of the mysterious lionA new student at Keibu High School, outgoing and somewhat odd because she is an android, an artificial intelligence.

Shion has only one goal: to make Satomi happy., We will see why and how, little by little, the true origins of Shion are being discovered.

sing with the spark of harmony this is a story too white too innocentIn which we are shown the importance of friendship and being true to ourselves, facing our own fears.

Yoshiura is known for Eve no Jikan, Kimi no Eru Machi and above all, by Patema and Reverse Worldbrings us Near future in which artificial intelligence has no downsideBeing a very useful and essential tool for human beings.

The harmony of artificial intelligence and human emotions

music, emotions and technology; Yoshiura plays with these three elements in a simple, almost naive way, show us man’s relationship with technology, what we currently have and what we want. Of course, from an overwhelmingly positive point of view, without taking into account any potential risks that exist when increasing our dependence on technology.

very soulful version of The dichotomy between humans and artificial intelligenceYoshiura seeks to highlight the relationship between humans and technology from a very favorable perspective: for him, if machines were sentient, they would love us as much as we love them.

In short, what Yoshiura wants to remind us is that we are losing our humanity And not because of technology, but because of not being honest with the people around you. It would be Shion, who is not human, who teaches humanity to the core group of students.

Despite the intrinsic humor of integrating a strange element into a society unprepared for it, it is very realistic: Shion’s rise is taken as something strange by the rest of the students, reacting in a very believable way.

Leaving this innocence the rest is commendable: animation, visual narrative, brilliant mix of traditional animation and computer animation… even the characters, who start out as archetypes, evolve before our eyes showing heavy stuff, each one of them One.

sing with the spark of harmony

The final message is beautiful: “To be happy, all you have to do is make the people around you happy.” too much white? but can that’s totally true too,

sing with the spark of harmony it’s a good movie that doesn’t want to go too far As much as it promises, a film that the whole family can enjoy together and that, despite not being one of the big hits of the season, you will not regret watching.

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