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Siegfried Russwurm and Stefano Buono on the advisory board of Gauss Fusion

Gauss Fusion further expands its expertise in the green technology sector

Hanau/Munich, September 5, 2023 – Along with former Siemens board member Professor Siegfried Russwurm and Italian entrepreneur Stefano Buono, Gauss Fusion is attracting other leading figures from industry and the energy sector. The fusion energy company is characterized by the close integration of the best European capacities in research and industry. Working closely with governments, renowned plasma and fusion physics research institutes, and fusion industry partners, Gauss Fusion aims to revolutionize the European renewable energy landscape and introduce clean fusion power into the future mix. energetic.

“Europe is one of the world leaders in fusion research, but so far it lacks the industry know-how to put the research results into practice and pick up the pace. Gauss Fusion was founded by private European industrial companies and offers the industrial expertise that matters today,” says Siegfried Russwurm.

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Stefano Buono is the founder and CEO of Newcleo, an Italian cleantech company specializing in innovative clean nuclear technologies. “As I build a company that industrializes the next generation of nuclear power, I am able to bring my industrial, supply chain and regulatory experience to complement the scientific and technical expertise around fusion power. I have contacts with many stakeholders, including investors, interested in both areas and able to exploit the synergies. I believe that fusion power can guarantee energy independence. The destiny of humanity is to master this natural process for our sustainable future and it is our duty to have a vision and a long-term strategy for fusion energy”, explains the Italian businessman.

“With Stefano Buono and Siegfried Russwurm, we have acquired two personalities who enrich our advisory board with their extensive background in cleantech, venture capital and industry expertise. Because thanks to the company’s speed and industrial know-how, in close collaboration within the framework of public-private partnerships in Europe, the challenges ahead can be solved more quickly”, says Frank Laukien, Chairman of the Advisory Board . .of Fusion Gauss.

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The other members of the Gauss Fusion Advisory Board are Hendrik Hirsch (Partner at CMS Hasche Sigle), Davide Malacalza (Shareholder and CEO of Hofima and ASG Superconductors), as well as Pierre Prieux (Founder and CEO of Alcen Group) and Prof. Hermann Requardt (formerly Siemens and CTO).

Gauss Fusion is a Greentech company and was founded in 2022 by private industrial companies. The company brings together a combination of cutting-edge scientific research and industrial expertise in all aspects of fusion energy, unique in Europe.

The founding companies from Germany, France, Italy and Spain have extensive experience in fusion technology. Gauss Fusion also cooperates with renowned European research institutes. These include CERN, the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and ENEA in Italy, among others.

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With this impressive knowledge base from industry and science, as well as through strategic public-private partnerships, Gauss Fusion pursues the goal of bringing renewable fusion energy to market at high speed using efficient structures and champions a business approach that uses the public sector. Private Partnerships (PPPs) aim to drastically speed up development.

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